967318101 Husqvarna TS70 1-1/2 hp, 115 V Tile Saw

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Manufacturer: Husqvarna
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Husqvarna TS 70 Tile Saw

The Husqvarna TS 70 Wet Tile Saw offers a durable 1-1/2 hp motor, with belt-driven blade shaft, and a miter cut feature. The wet saw sets up easily & the patented water management system helps conserve water. The TS series tile saws also feature a removable water tank with handle that is easy to fill & carry.


  • Includes 10" Vari-Cut Porcelain Diamond Blade
  • Depth of cut 2-3/4". (70 mm)
  • Features a belt driven blade shaft for a smoother cut and more torque
  • Quick and easy set-up and breakdown
  • Keeps water and slurry in the cart, not on the tile face like traditional saws
  • Cutting capacity: 28" rip cuts and diagonal 20" x 20" in a single pass
  • Water tank can easily be removed from assembly for a quick refill
  • Patented Jet Stream Water Containment System keeps water and slurry within the cart
  • Splash guard eliminates water spray behind saw
  • Adjustable water feed flow
  • Make 22.5° and 45° miter cuts by simply rotating the saw motor
  • Optional Fixed Leg Stand (579596402) and Adjustable Rolling Stand (585581602) are sold separately

What's Included?

Husqvarna TS70 Tile Saw Specifications
PowerBelt Driven Blade Shaft - 1-1/2 hp (1.1 kw.)
Length of Cut28 in
Diagonal Length of Cut24 in
Arbor5/8 in
Blade Capacity10 in
Depth of Cut2-3/4 in (70 mm)
Weight128 lbs (57.5 kg)
Dimensions (LxWxH)43.7 in. x 25.6 in. x 21.7 in.
(1,110 mm x 650 mm x 550 mm)

Questions & Answers (4)

12/18/2015 5:01:15 pm

Can the Husqvarna TS70 Tile Saw use 7" & 8" blade? Thanks

Yes, 7in and 8in blades can be used on the Husqvarna TS70 Tile Saw. A 6" profile wheel may also be used. One thing to consider is the water system in the blade guard is designed to be used with a 10" blade.

11/27/2016 7:06:14 pm

Is it equipped with Baldor motor?

This saw is equipped with a Wonder motor.

7/28/2017 5:52:52 pm

What is the warranty for this saw? I have a TS 60, less than 2 years and the motor is shot.

Thank you for contacting Contractors Direct.

The Husqvarna TS series covered by a standard 1 year factory warranty from Husqvarna. Using an extension

11/12/2018 10:06:40 pm

I own a ts60 and after 6 months it looks like 5 year tile saw plus nothing works end up in the trash can it is kind of the same plastic and volts ans screws the ts70?

The TS70 is also made by husqvarna and this is a high quality saw for the everyday user. If you would like to speak more on the design and technical aspects of this saw please contact us at 800-709-0002 or Husqvarna directly at 800-365-4003.

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Very innovative saw


Let me start by saying I have been doing this for 18 years and have owned or used many different saws in my years and this is my honest review:
This saw was delivered last week and I have been using it at least 10 hours over the last 4 days and this thing is amazing! Here are a few of the features I consider to put this saw above the rest.
1.The water feature is very innovative the water can be delivered to the blade or under the carriage tray to reduce the amount of over spray.
2. The water pan is contained so you can easily remove from the saw and clean without spilling water
3. The saw is a belt driven motor so you know you are getting plenty of power and ripping through even the toughest porcelain isnt an issue.
4.Cuts through 28" tile
5. I bought it with the rolling stand and this makes moving it much easier worth extra money.
I know the sticker price is a draw back but replacing Dewalt saws every few years isnt exactly cheap. I would recommend this saw to anyone who is serious about his or her tools.


by -

I bought this saw about 5 months ago and love the heck out of this quality machine. Straight cuts with a tray and rollers not easily kicked out of square. The beast is heavy though and the rolling cart is highly recommended. The entire water pump feature is pretty great compared to traditional saws that spray like a hurricane. The hose for the pump could be designed better as it gets caught up too much. Overall a great investment for a tile craftsmen. If you aren't a everyday tile craftsmen then this big boy tool is not recommended for your skill set.

Best saw I've ever owned (youtube comment)


I bought this saw from contractor's direct and I must say it is a bit much weight wise for 1 man but I did buy the rolling stand with it.

2 things I did not like.
1. The hose for the water from the bottom up option is not necessary. So I did away with it.

2. the track for the tray needs to be washed out with a sprayer because the wheels get stuck every so often.

Either way this is the best saw I have ever owned and it's great for plunge cuts and wood plank tiles.
ps I have 17 yrs experience as a tile installer. look my work of on Facebook under johnnystileandstone