6805 Husqvarna DS 800 Core Drill W/ Combo Base & Vacuum Assembly

SKU: 6805
Manufacturer: Husqvarna
$3,885.70 to $4,370.20


$3,885.70 to $4,370.20


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Husqvarna DS 800 Core Drill W/ Combo Base Vacuum Assembly


  • Drill holes up to 16" (extra spacer required)
  • 1" to 14" bit capacity standard
  • 42" long, precision ground and plated 2-7/8" square column reduces flex for more accurate drilling
  • Reinforced base for added rigidity
  • Standard control panel includes on/off switch, ammeter and one receptacle for the motor.
  • Jack screw is standard and provides stability for ceiling bracing
  • Precision rack and pinion gear system
  • Adjustable and replaceable bronze shims inside carriage provide less flex, promote precise head alignment and smooth in-feed travel
  • Four-spoke feed handle is easy to use and operates smoothly
  • Free shipping from Factory warehouse

Vacuum Features

  • Heavy-Duty, pliable rubber gasket
  • Quiet, 4 Amp diaphragm pump
  • Mount bracket holds vacuum pump to machine base
  • Water trap shut-off protects motor
  • Vacuum gauge and release petcock valve
Technical Information

  • Low Speed - 170/380/650 RPM
  • High Speed - 350/780/1340 RPM
  • Watercooled 3 speed gearbox for optimal drilling performance and longer service intervals.
  • The LED indicator shows the load of the machine, allowing the operator to always drill at maximum pressure, for best performance.
  • To facilitate drilling during the initial stages, as well as during the operation, a button can be pressed to reduce the speed by half. This feature is useful when making a starter hole or cutting through reinforcements.
  • If the motor runs at too high a load for a long period, it will start to pulsate. If the load is not reduced the motor will shut off, to prevent overheating. Elgard™ significantly increases the machine’s service life.
  • An electronic current limiter for softer starts. Full speed is reached about two seconds after the switch is turned on.
  • Water hose can be turned 180°.

Husqvarna DS 800 Core Drill Rig Specifications
ModelDS 800 Low SpeedDS 800 High Speed
MotorSingle Phase - ElectricSingle Phase - Electric
Power4.4 hp / 3,300 W / 30 amps3 hp / 2,300 W / 20 amps
Bit Capacity14 inch14 inch
Connection1-1/4"-7 thread1-1/4"-7 thread
Loaded RPM170/380/650350/780/1340
No Load RPM240/530/900440/970/1670
Travel Length25-1/2 inch25-1/2 inch
Weight122 lbs122 lbs.

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