1007 Gemini Taurus Ring Saw

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Gemini Taurus 3 Ring Saw with Mega Blade


  • Light duty ring saw, using the same technology found in the Revolution wet saw
  • The tool's cutting blade is a veritable "ring" of stainless steel whose 360 degree surface is completely coated with diamond grit
  • You can feed a piece of wall tile or glass into the blade from any direction and get a clean, accurate cut
  • Since the blade cuts so precisely, no further grinding is necessary
  • It produces finished cuts with intricacies that are impossible with conventional cutters
  • Portable, as it is easy to lift the motor and saw housing from the basin
  • Tile Shaper Separating Blade sold separately
  • One year factory warranty for motor

Handheld Unit

  • The Taurus 3 is shipped with all of the components to use it as a hand held saw
  • Bottom door ( soak bottom door in water before using to lubricate blade)
  • Thumb screw
  • Bottom door clip

Taurus 3 Blades

  • All blades cut the same materials: glass, tile, stone, shell, nonferrous metals, hard plastics such as acrylic and lexan, and anything that has a similar density to these materials
  • All blades use the same belt and grommets. Blades are interchangeable with the same belt and grommets and do not need to be changed unless they are excessively worn
  • Always let the blade do the cutting. Forcing the blade through the material can damage the blade. There is an optimum speed for each blade in each material; you can feel it while you are cutting. Sensitivity to this causes extremely long blade life

What's Included?

  • Gemini Taurus 3 110V Tile Shaper Ring Saw
  • 1 Mega Blade (installed)
  • Integrated spot light
  • Removable face shield
  • 1 Stabilizer Foot
  • 1 Instructional DVD and user manual

Gemini Taurus 3 Ring Saw Specifications
Motor - Electric 110 V1/5 hp
Throat Depth5-5/8 in.
Throat Height1-1/2 in.
Table Dimensions17-3/4 in. x 16 in.
Weight14 lbs (in box)

Questions & Answers (17)

7/15/2015 10:37:30 am

What blade does this saw come with and What material can I cut with the installed blade?

The Gemini Taurus saw that we sell comes with the Mega Blade as it is able to cut a wide variety of products including tile, marble, granite and some glass.

7/15/2015 10:55:31 am

Does this saw come with a water pump?

No this saw does not use a water pump instead the water is picked up by the blade from the basin.

7/20/2015 5:27:07 pm

How thick a material can you cut? Most tiles are 1/4 inch or less. Can you cut 1 inch thick material?

The Gemini Taurus 3 Tile Shaper Ring Saw is designed for thin material like stain glass and soft tile. If you try cut porcelain the blade will cut through the drive belt. The Gemini Revolution XT is the best option for thick material and porcelain.

8/14/2015 12:05:20 am

I am interested in this for stained glass projects. How long does a blade usually last and where do you get a replacement blade and what is it's cost?

The life of the blade depends on the type and thickness of the material. Click here for Gemini Taurus 3 replacement blades

9/2/2015 4:56:01 pm

What is the warranty policy for the Gemini Taurus 3 ring saw?

Gemini Saw Company, Inc warrants the Gemini Taurus 3 ring saw and all of its component parts to be free of defects in materials or workmanship. All of these components except wear parts* are under warranty for a period of one year from the date of purchase.

Note: Wear Parts include Blades, Bearings, Drive Belt, and Grommets.

11/24/2015 8:00:36 pm

Can the stabilizer foot assembly be removed to provide a greater throat height? If so, what would then be the maximum throat?

We do not recommend the Gemini Taurus 3 Ring Saw for thicker material. It works best with thin stained glass and soft tile. When cutting thicker material or harder material like porcelain the blade has a tendency to cut through the belt. A better option would be the Gemini Apollo or Gemini Revolution XT ring saw.

7/6/2016 12:22:42 pm

What is the max. thickness of granite the Gemini Taurus can cut?

The stock Mega Blade can cut granite up to 3/4" thick, however, you may have to remove the saw's stabilizer foot to utilize the full 3/4" cutting capacity.

1/24/2017 10:13:00 pm

How do I change the motor? Need to fit 220v for Australian use.

A 220/240 international voltage model is available for custom order. Please send an email to orders@contractorsdirect.com and we'll be glad to help!

7/21/2017 9:22:48 am

Can I order taurus 3 saw with a standard blade?

The Taurus 3 saw that we carry is packaged with a Mega Blade due to the majority of our customers cutting material that requires the Gemini Mega Blade.

1/18/2018 11:41:27 am

Can this saw be used to cut Crystal Quartz or Carborundum (ie. Ruby or Sapphire)?

The diamond blade can likely cut just about any hard material.

The blade has to do more work as the material hardness increases, which slows down the rate of cutting.

In short: Yes it will cut ruby, but it will be at a slow rate and the cut edge is susceptible to chipping while being cut.

6/3/2018 3:24:55 pm

The saw cuts great but the edges are rougher than I expected. The face is a ground edge but the edges are chipped and not smooth. Is there any fix for this?

The Gemini Taurus saw that we offer comes standard with the Mega Blade, this blade is able to cut through many materials however it may be too aggressive for some softer materials. I would recommend trying the standard blade or you can call Gemini saw customer support (310) 891-0288 .

3/16/2019 4:11:19 am

Does this machine cut ceramic tiles 4mm to 5mm thick? I'm very keen on getting one and have watched a video using the mega blade to cut stone and granite. I just want to mostly cut ceramic wall tiles. Cheers

Here are the specs for the Mega Blade Kit - Material Thickness Capacity: 3/4", normal use is fused glass, stained glass, ceramic tile, or stone - You may have to remove the stabilizer foot to use the full 3/4" capacity.

8/25/2019 5:17:07 pm

I'm cutting 3/8" thick mosaic Travertine marble for a back splash on my tub saw and having a hard time with the marble chipping, will the Taurus 3 work on this brittle marble without chipping????
Note: the pieces are diamond shape and the chipping occurs at the corners.

We cannot say for certain how the Gemini Taurus 3 will perform for your application. The Taurus 3 is great for delicate, intricate cuts so it may likely perform well for your task. The trick would to cut as slowly and steadily as possible to minimize the potential for chipping.

12/8/2019 10:57:35 pm

Can this ring saw cut through sea glass? If so, what maximum thickness?

You can cut sea glass using the Taurus 3 saw with the Slicer Blade. If you are doing intricate cuts, the glass shouldn't be more than 3/8" thick.

1/26/2020 2:33:44 pm

I know you make a mega blade, a separating blade, but do you make a separating mega blade?

There are no separating mega blades available. These blades are for 2 specific types of cuts, thus the separate SKUs.

3/11/2020 6:02:32 pm

I have a Taurus Ring Saw but I’m having difficulty with the blade coming off track. Is it possible for the saw to be sent in for diagnosis of the problem and repair?

Repairs are handled by Gemini Saw Company directly. Please contact them at 310-891-0288 and ask for Barbara. She will assist you in the repair process.

6/27/2020 1:06:41 pm

Do you have any idea of when you will have more of these in stock?

This item is expected back into stock the week of July 20, 2020. Thank you for your patience. Please call our customer service center at 1-800-709-0002 should you wish to place an order prior to this date.

Ratings & Reviews

11 reviews


excellent for small jobs

by -

For making stained glass projects, the saw is great. The only complaint is the blade, it wears out to fast and is very costly to replace

Great saw and easy to use

by -

The setup was easy and very fast. The instructions for use and the video were excelent and humorous. I started using the saw immediately and was making designs on glass and shaping minerals in half an hour. The saw works very well. I plan to use this saw frequently and will probably buy some of the enhancements.

Works great!

by -

Bought the Taurus 3 for cutting glass ceramic and glass mosaic.Love it..Blades are a bit costy though

Huge improvement


This is our second Taurus 3. The first had issues with the circular blade coming off the track which required taking it apart and reinstalling the blade and belt.
This model has not come off the track once and my wife (an artist) uses it at least 4 hours a day. We are very pleased.



It was time to replace my favorite saw . Received a Taurus 3 Ring saw as a gift , Used it for about 3 years now . They are my tool I can't survive without .

Very good product!


I love it!.... Very good product and the delivery was fast and very cheap. Im so glad i get it from you!



Just wanna say I really like the saw. It is great for stained glass work!!! Plus contractors direct are excellent in that they work with you for any questions or concerns!!!

Taurus 3 Ring Saw Incredible


I bought this saw a few years ago and use it almost every day. I use 2 frozen water bottles drinking size like Ozarka. in it every time i power it up.i change the water about twice a week. Add a spot of liquid soap and TBS vinegar after water changes. i have gone through 3 Speed Blades and 1 Mega blade. one negative is the blade guide. i get the same life from my blades by using proper cutting techniques. Average thickness of glass is B-Cut Italian Smalti and Granite. The only things I've replaced are the red wheeled bearings, not the bearings just the wheels. And somehow my top cover clips worn so it doesn't close so i just use a light weight clamp works fine. I really love this saw. very well made. I find the use of a thin plexi glas over the table with several drainage holes, really makes cutting small pieces accurate and if you use the red sticker over the top of the table, it just peels off and gets in the way. I use the accessory kit with the straight edge and lamp angle to cut diamond strips, and keystone shapes fast! Love it!

Works Great.


It has worked as design. I am pleased with the performance. I have some difficulty changing blades.

Will definitely purchase again!!


I am very happy with my purchase, after doing my research long and hard with Contractors direct, I found this Company to be my choice. The customer service is awesome, all the parts I need I can go to one site for anything I need, AND the prices are very affordable. Shipping and packaging was perfect. Thank you, i truly love my new saw😊very happy customer!!

Not good enough


When it works it works great but it breaks far too often and the replacement parts are expensive, especially the blades. The quality of the belts is subpar but you have to buy their belts. The belt tightener is not strong enough to keep proper tension and the belt has a habit of jumping off.