6755 DiamondSure Wet Porcelain Tile Drill Bits

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Manufacturer: DiamondSure
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DiamondSure Wet Drill Bits

DiamondSure bonded diamond core drill bits cut through materials where other bits fail. They provide optimum drilling efficiency in extremely hard, unforgiving materials such as stone, tile and glass.


  • Wet diamond drill bits for hard porcelain and glass tile
  • Use with adjustable hole saw guide
  • Shaft size is 3/8" for use in standard drills
  • Maximum drilling depth is 1/2"
  • Recommended for ceramic tile, porcelain tile, glass block, slate, marble, quartz, granite, and limestone
  • Not designed for use on concrete, masonry, metal or for use with impact hammer drills
  • The life of any type of diamond drill bit depends upon the hardness, abrasiveness and thickness of the material being drilled and the specific drilling techniques used
  • In some very hard stones and tiles, it may take 2 to 3 minutes to drill only 1/4" deep
  • Click here for detailed information from DiamondSure

Questions & Answers (7)

8/28/2016 8:18:51 pm

What is the best bit for putting a 3" dia. hole thru the stucco exterior wall of my home?
Will the 6755 work?

This drill bit is not recommended for drilling through stucco. It is designed for porcelain tile.

1/31/2018 9:32:53 pm

Does this come with all the bits or do you just pay for one?

These porcelain bits are all sold individually.

3/8/2018 4:02:17 am

I need to cut glass discs from 1/16" thick borosilicate plate glass. Can these cutters do the job, without significant chipping of the outside edge of the disk, and without excessive wear?

These diamond drill bits are designed for ceramic, porcelain and glass tile. 1/16" material is very thin and may crack entirely due to the stress of cutting. If you are able to get a successful cut, you will still need to knock the disc out of the hole saw, which may likely result in chipping the edge or fracturing the disc.

12/10/2018 10:11:05 am

For the larger diameters do you need to purchase a pilot bit?

At the larger sizes you can use a pilot bit to start the hole, but it is not needed to be used with these bits.

8/18/2019 7:38:51 pm

If there is no pilot bit in the center of the hole saw, how do you cut a hole in a specific place, like a drain?

Pilots in diamond drill bits have become less common due to them wearing before the bit does, the extended length of time cutting hard materials, and do not allow use of center water-feed equipment.

To begin drilling into porcelain, start on an angle and begin the hole. Once you have started the hole, adjust the drill bit so it goes straight and creates a flush hole. You can use a template to cut holes in specific areas.

11/17/2019 9:37:45 pm

For drilling on granite, what bit do you recommend?

For drilling granite, we recommend using a diamond core bit.

11/18/2019 10:30:17 am

What is the best drill bit for porcelain tile?

We recommend the DiamondSure wet drill bits for drilling through porcelain tile.

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Great bit

by -

The only bit that worked for us drilling hard porcelain tile.Up to 24 holes and the bit is still going strong(1/4 inch). Just follow the directions as described. We tried many others and got nowhere.

Excellent, Highly recommend.

by -

Best tool to do the job. Works everytime used.

Cut through glass subway tile with ease

by -

Using the spear shaped bits available at the big box stores are a waste of time and money. Unfortunately I wasted many hours, numerous pieces of tile, and bought several useless bits before I learned that lesson. I'll never attempt glass drilling again without these diamond bits.

best bit for the money

by -

these drill great in porcelain tile and quite fast. best bit of any price range.

First time

by -

I just had two bathrooms professionally completed and decided to install a grab bar in the shower after they had left. The contractors had remarked about their difficulty in securing cabinets to the walls since the tile was unbeliveably hard so I was apprehensive about cutting 1 1'/4" holes into it. As a first time use of any bits for tile, this one was a breeze to use and not one chip on the finished holes!

Excellent !

by -

I've been a tile contractor for 26 years.....by far the best bit I've used. Reasonably priced....Highly recommend.

cuts good

by -

Cut through subway tile pretty quick for a diamond hole bit. keepin it wet of course

No worries with these drills!


These drills are the real deal. If you keep them lubricated you will have long life. I used them to drill holes in PE5 porcelain tile for my walk in shower door frame and they worked as good on the last hole as they did on the first. (Tip - clean the ID hole between each hole)



Excellent product. I only wish these hole saws were made in larger diameters.