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Solid Gold Diamond Blade Resin Dressing Stone


how do you dress a diamond blade?

To dress a diamond blade, simply make one or two small cuts into a Solid Gold dressing stone. Do not cut any deeper than the total diamond segment height of your blade. The resinous stone will effectively clean the blade's diamond matrix and remove any glaze or debris to expose fresh, sharp diamond that is ready to cut "like-new".

My blade was cutting great but I tried stacking a few tiles to speed things up and now it cuts really slow and is chipping a lot. Will this stone help?

Inspect the cutting rim of your blade - if diamond is still visible along the edge of the blade it can very likely be dressed and restored.

will this stop my blade from sparking?

Sparking can be caused by many factors including a dull and dirty blade, improper water flow/heat dissipation, the material being cut, and the rate at which you are cutting. Always use a sharp, freshly dressed blade to achieve the cleanest cuts possible. Don't force the tile, let the blade do the cutting.

How do the Solid Gold dressing stones work?

A blade's cutting rim can easily become clogged and glazed-over. Dirty blades can cause tiles to rub, bounce, burn, or chip. Solid Gold resin dressing stones effectively remove glaze and debris from the blade's cutting rim and expose clean, sharp diamond that is ready to cut again "like-new". Many dull or "dead" diamond blades may still have plenty of life left in them - ALWAYS TRY DRESSING YOUR CONDEMNED DIAMOND BLADES BEFORE TOSSING THEM AWAY!

Do you dress blade with water on?

Yes, you must have the water running while you dress your diamond blade with a dressing stone.

Do you use these dressing stones on wire blades as well (like the taurus 3 ring saw uses)?

No, you cannot use that dressing stone on a wire blade.