Dia-Glo Diamond Buffing Compound

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Product Details

Product Details

Dia-Glo Diamond Buffing Compound


  • Just mix with water. Easy to use, will never mark the stone in any way and yield incredibly high gloss finishes in a very short time
  • This amazing powder will even take care of scratches!
  • Apply with a felt pad and variable speed grinder up to speed less than 4,000 RPM
  • Can be used in stone fabricating shops, for floor restoration and as a maintenance buffing compound
  • Brings up an incredibly high gloss finish in a very short time
  • Works great on large or small areas

Marble Buffing Compound Features

  • Made to produce high gloss finishes on marble surfaces
  • Also perform superbly on terrazzo and agglomerated marble

Granite Buffing Compound Features

  • Designed for dark or light colored granite
  • It's dark hue will not highlight the normal microscopic cracks on stone surfaces and will bring out the rich color and gloss on medium to dark stone
  • Dia-Glo™ Light compound is for light colored granite
Questions & Answers
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Will the Dia-Glo marble buffing compound discolor white grout. I need to remove vinegar etches from my marble shower tile and am concerned that any buffing compound would affect my grout.


Dia-Glo Marble Buffing Compound will not discolor white grout.

Will one quart do 120 Sq.Ft.

It depends on the type and condition of the stone but one quart should be sufficient to cover 120 sq ft.

I have black and dark gray/ black marble tops...which polishing compound will work best to bring the black marbe to a high shine without leaving any white or light haze in the black color

Black or dark granite buffing compound would work best

I have a light Marble counter top in bathroom, it needs a shiny finish it is 12 years old. I had to hand buff stains impregnated in surface, used a fine grit sponge sander to remove stains, buffed with baking soda and water in stained area. The blending of buffed area and un buffed area looks fine.
Because of the age and who knows what was used for cleaning (we purchased house 5 months ago) the shine is gone, it looks fine but I am concerned with out a sealer I will constantly be fighting spots.
Any suggestions?

A sealer will not restore a polish. If you sanded all areas and want to bring up the gloss so the stone look wet when it is dry, use DiaGlo M.

May this product be useful on porcelain ceramic gloss?

This product is designed for natural stone, so it is not recommended for use with ceramic or porcelain.

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1/16/2015 5:02 pm


by John -

This was the missing link in polishing granite tiles. I set a large granite tile island (3 feet by 10 feet) and no matter how much I worked the tile there were always height differences. I used diamond polishing pads from 50 grit to 6000 grit and got an OK shine. Picked up the Felt Wheel and Dia-Glo and it went from OK to off the shelf. Very impressed.

1/18/2015 10:38 am


by jerry -

Part worked just right. Very good company to work. Would shop again with them

8/2/2021 5:28 pm

Amazing polish

by Gary

Amazing product! I had 25-30 obvious etching spots on a new marble countertop left by soapy water that dripped off some dishes after washing them. I did use an electric automotive polisher/buffer to speed up the process and after a 1/2 hour of working the area the etching spots were 100% gone. Great product!