CP0077 Chicago Pneumatic Sludge Pump

SKU: CP0077
Manufacturer: Chicago Pneumatic
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Chicago Pneumatic CP0077 Sludge Pump

The sludge pump operates by filling the pump chamber with liquid by means of a venturi arrangement, where compressed air is forced through a restriction in the top part of the pump head, creating an under pressure within the pump chamber. The pumped liquid is then sucked into the pump chamber through an inlet valve. When the chamber is full, this triggers a valve, pressurizing the filled pump chamber. The contents of the chamber are then pressed out through the outlet port. The sludge pump may be operated partly submerged. It can also be used for limited suction applications, since it doesn’t need to be immersed in the liquid.


  • Can handle liquids containing up to 15 percent solids and including particles up to 1” (25 mm) in size
  • Suitable for pumping seawater and certain corrosive chemicals
  • Should not be used to pump flammable liquids
  • Has no motor or diaphragm to wear out because it operates on venturi/ejector principle
  • Exhaust muffler - reduces noise level
  • No damage if running without load
  • Intake hose end must be fully submerged for optimal performance
  • Extremely durable
  • Long life/low maintenance
  • Integral oiler provides continuous lubrication
  • Cast iron housing


  • Shaft sinkers, soft tunneling contractors, mines, hydro-electric contractors, site investigation companies, utilities, local authorities, industries (for sump pumping), oil companies, shipping companies, shipyards, water boards, chemical companies

Chicago Pneumatic CP0077 Sludge Pump Specifications
ModelMax. Suction Lift

Max Head

Air Consumption

(@ 90 psi)
Air Inlet

Air Outlet

Discharge Inlet

Discharge Outlet

Max Solid ContentWeight

Part no.
CP 00772017585 cfm3/4" NPT1" NPT3" BSP2-1/2" NPT15 %152T 024005

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