BBB013 Back Butter Buddy

Manufacturer: Primo Tools




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Does the Back Butter Buddy come with a bucket?

No, a bucket is not included with the Back Butter Buddy.

I am worried that the tool will not last very long. What is the best way to maintain the Back Butter Buddy?

Keeping the item clean is the best way to ensure you maximize the life of the Back Butter Buddy . Wipe off thin set right away as you work. Shoot WD into it once in a while to keep the metal ball bearings free and clear. Answered by Phil Green Inventor of the Back Butter Buddy

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Back Butter Buddy

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Product works very well, saves your arm from tiring. I used it while laying 18x18 tiles in my shower, made the job so much easier. After a while your arm gets tired holding it while buttering large tiles, unless your a lot stronger than me, with this my arm never got tired. Makes laying tile a lot faster, just pile tiles onto it, butter and set, and ready for the next one.