Alpha High Speed PVA Makita Style Single Pack

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Product Details

Product Details

Alpha High Speed PVA Makita Style-Single Pack


  • High Speed: PVA Makita Style, max Rpm 12,000. No backer pad needed
  • Polish bull-nose, shaped edge and carved detail without damaging the work-piece
  • It is the perfect way to polish marble or travertine Single pack
  • Dry polishing system used to polish marble edges and is ideal for baseboard, corner and counter top edge applications
  • Excellent for job site touch-ups
  • Fast working and long lasting, PVA Makita Style is easy to use and works well on most common high-speed grinders
  • Use on the edges of ceramics, woods and metals or paint removal as the material will not clog
  • Marble shops will find PVA Makita Style very effective on contours, edges and irregular surfaces such as chamfers, bead molding, and other types of curved or rounded edges
  • Tile and floor installers will find that PVA Makita Style works great on the profiled edge of baseboard tiles
  • Great in conjunction with the Marble Profile Wheel
  • Formulated with a silicon carbide abrasive and a polyvinyl alcohol bond that is color-coded for ease of operation
  • The combination of this bond and abrasive give PVA Makita Style a long life at an affordable price
  • The PVA system provides a great polish on marble edges without the difficulty or mess associated with wet polishing techniques
Questions & Answers
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I want to put a polished bull nose on 1/4" ceramic clay tiles. Can I cut the profile with a course Alpha high speed PVA and then polish it with a green and or yellow PVA for finish?

Yes, technically you can use the PVA polishing pad to cut the profile (you would use the X-Coarse grey) but Alpha recommends using the B-Series Wet Profiling Tool (SKU 3131) for a full uniform bull-nose and then polishing with the PVA pads.

Please note that when bull-nosing or grinding ceramic clay tiles, you may be removing the coating on the tile, fully exposing the red clay underneath, which may give the tile a different look than desired.

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