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Rubi DC 250-1200 Tile Wet Saw

Rubi DC 250-1200 48" Tile Saw



Got new rubi dc 250 tile saw and it won't come on. Any suggestions?

This sounds like a power-related issue. If you are using an extension cord, try removing the extension cord and plugging the saw directly into the power source. If this does not work, please call Rubi at 1-866-872-7824 to troubleshoot with their technical service team over the phone.

Does the DC 250 come with a side arm extension?

This product does not come with a side arm extension, however, there are accessories available for extending the cutting size of your table.

How do I get a Base Lateral Stop for DV/DC/DS/DX?

You can get the specific part number from Rubi Tools at 1-866-872-7824 and contact us to purchase that part and ship direct to your location. With the rapid model changes for machines, we do not carry the parts list. The manufacturer always has the most accurate parts list based on model and serial number.

How long can I count on this saw lasting on a daily basis of use before the metal rusts out?

Rubi tile saws are built to last, but routine maintenance goes a long way. Wipe the saw down after cutting to remove any residual moisture and prevent rust from developing. Rubi does not recommend any aggressive cleaning products be used to clean the machine. Rubi suggests cleaning the tracks of the rail guide with a cotton cloth dampened with water - you do not need any lubrication. Take care of your gear and it will take care of you!

Is this saw equipped with a laser guide?

A laser guide is not included with this saw, however, a Rubi laser kit accessory is available for sale separately here.

I bought this saw and used it to cut 13 x 40 tiles, it worked great. I am now doing a walkway and wonder if this saw can be used to cut clay bricks?

Thanks for contacting Contractors Direct. This saw is capable of cutting bricks with the proper technique. Depending on the material's density, you may need to "step-cut" through the material as to not strain the motor.

Is the saw 67 inches with the wheels on or off

The dimensions include the wheels.

Will a 48'' tile fit on the table?? i don't think it will rip a 48'' tile sounds like it'll have to be flipped?? I'm looking for a rail saw to cut 2'x4' tiles. should I go to the next size up??

The length of cut on this saw is just under 48" at 47-7/16". If you are looking to cut in one pass rather than having to flip the tile it might be best to size up so you do not run into any issues.

Can the 48” saw cut a 48” piece of slab material?

The length of cut on this saw is 47-7/16 in with plunge
and 42-1/2" without plunge.

What is the next size up to rip a 48” tile with turn tile around

You would need to move to a Rubi DS-250-51". SKU 7729

Is one person able to load and set this saw up or is too big/heavy?

This rail saw weighs 132 lb and has an overall length of 67" so it is advised for 2 people to load and unload the saw at jobsites. However, with its folding legs and wheel kit, this saw can be easily moved and set up once unloaded by one person.

I am looking into buying a saw to cut pieces of marble size 40 x 40 inches. Can this saw do the work? Also can it do miter cuts? Well i mean 45 degree angle cuts

Thanks for answering promptly

Yes, this saw is more than capable of cutting 40in x 40in pieces length-wise. The max depth of cut (thickness) is 3-1/2in and this saw has a max diagonal cut of 33in x 33in. Please note that you may require a different blade than the stock blade shipped with this saw. We would recommend a blade manufactured for cutting marble.

How wide is the table on each side of the blade?

Each table is 9-1/4" wide

Is the motor and bearings sealed ? Can I dry cut zirconia bricks with this unit ?

Yes, this can cut through zirconia brick and the motor and bearings are sealed. It is not advisable to cut dry but you can do it. The only caution is the life of the blade may be shortened. This is a direct drive motor, but not sure what you mean by "bearings sealed?"