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Rubi DC250-850 38"Rail Saw


Can the motor be locked in place on the rail?

Yes, it can. There is a red knob on top of the motor that can be screwed in and locks the motor so it prevents it from moving.

What does the diagonal cut length refer to?

The diagonal cut refers to the length of a square tile from corner to corner. The measurement of a 27" square turned on a diagonal would be 38".

Is the 67” length including the wheel?

The overall length of this saw as per Rubi is 58"

How thick of a piece will this saw cut?

Maximum cutting thickness - 1 stroke or 2 strokes - 2-1⁄2 / 3-1⁄2"

What are the dimensions of the package when shipped? I want to know if it will fit in the bed of my pickup.

The shipping dimensions are 55" x 24" x 37" and the package weighs 165 lb.

Can this machine make a plunge cut?

Yes, this rail saw is able to plunge cut!

I have several 250 lb black basalt slabs to cut. Will this saw and table handle the weight and cut depth?

Rubi DC250-850 is not recommended for cutting thick slabs of basalt as it is a very hard material. Rubi recommends a more robust rail saw, like the DX-350-N 1300.

Boa noite!
Preciso saber tamanhos de maquinas que vcs Trabalham.
Tenho interesse em comprar .

Good evening!
I need to know the machine size. I am interested in buying.

Esta serra vai cortar até 38 polegadas (96,52 cm)

This saw will cut up to 38 inches (96.52 cm)

Do you sell the motor only for this unit?

Yes we do. Please refer to the parts diagram for the exact motor you require. The 120V 60Hz motor is Rubi part number 52070. Please call our customer service center at 1-800-709-0002 to order.

Would you recommend this saw to cut/rip 2-3 inch x 30 inch thick Bluestone. And for use on concrete pavers?

This unit can only cut approximately 2-1/2" thick, so you would need to pass the blade twice to fully cut that material. In regards to using this on concrete pavers you would need to install a concrete blade on it due to the RPM required. This particular job would take a significant amount of production time with this unit.

Is it too heavy for one person to move around?

This rail saw is 120lbs and has wheels to easily transport. One person can move it around.