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Sigma 3E4M MAX Push Handle Tile Cutter

Sigma 51" Tile Cutter with MAX Handle



Does the Sigma Max 51″ Push Handle Tile Cutter gauge come in inches?

Yes, the Sigma tile cutter gauge features Customary units of measurement.

Is this a pull handle?

This includes a PUSH handle.

What is the difference between 3e4k and 3e4m tile cutter

The main difference in these cutters would be the handle style. The 3E4K will have the Klick Klock handle and the 3E4M will have the Max handle.

Does the 3E4M have a double set of trays? It doesn’t show in your photo but the new ones have them. Just checking to see if this is the newest model.

Yes this is the newest model with the double trays and the photos should now be updated.

Will your 3E4M 51” cut a 3/4” thick porcelain tile diagonally?

The 3E4M will cut a maximum thickness of 3/4" tile. The maximum length of the diagonal cuts is 36".

Does the Klick-Klock handle fit on Sigma 3E4M ?

The Klick Klock handle has been replaced by the MAX handle. It should fit the 3E4M tile cutter, however, with numerous model changes and the discontinuation of the Klick Klock handle, we can not say for certain that an old model handle will fit a new style cutter.

Does this Sigma tile cutter come with a carrying case?

No, the Sigma 3E3M MAX Tile Cutter does not come with a carrying case.

Is a replacement scoring wheel included with the cutter?

No, Sigma 14MX MAX Handle Scoring Wheels are sold separately.