2D4 24" Sigma Tile Cutter with Push Handle

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Manufacturer: Sigma
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Sigma 2D4 24" Push Handle Tile Cutter

The Sigma 2D4 tile cutter features a lightweight push handle design and a -45 to 45 degree Locking Angle Mechanism that allows you to lay diagonal pattern tiles nearly as fast as you would lay down a square tile layout.


  • Easy grip push handle
  • Spring loaded table
  • Tungsten carbide scoring wheel
  • Swiveling measurement bar (in inches) for diagonal cuts (-45 to + 45 degrees)
  • Cuts material between 1/16” and 3/4” inch thick
  • Compact dimensions for easy transport
  • Suitable for cutting all types of commercially available tiles
  • Made with structure in high-resistance aluminum alloy and steel
  • The special shape of the grip allows tiles to be cut at any point
  • Plastic fitting to prevent marks beneath breaking feet

Sigma 2D4 Tile Cutter Specifications

  • Weight:18 lbs
  • Maximum straight cut: 24" x 24"
  • Maximum diagonal cut: 17" x 17"

Questions & Answers (3)

Does the Sigma 24″ Push Handle Tile Cutter come with a carrying case?

No, the Sigma 24″ Push Handle Tile Cutter does not come with a carrying case. Sigma does make a case that fits this tile cutter which can be purchased at Contractors Direct

Does the Sigma 24″ Push Handle Tile Cutter come with replacement scoring wheels?

No the Sigma 24″ Push Handle Tile Cutter comes with only one scoring wheel that is already installed. You can purchase replacements at Contractors Direct

Does the Sigma 24″ Push Handle Tile Cutter gauge come in inches?

Yes, the Sigma 24" Push Handle Tile Cutter gauge does come in inches

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This is my first sigma tile cutter, I have used others but this one is by far the best I have ever used, gives you great scores an breaks on point, worth every dollar spent on this product

Best tile tool I've bought


I'm primarily a remodel tile setter so I'm in finished houses most of the time. The sigma allows me to stay within my work area instead of walking thru the house to the wet saw. So far I have used it on Italian porcelain and China made porcelain and it performs flawlessly. It's a big time saver and another added benefit is my wet saw is seeing 40-50% less use so less wear means longer life. I cannot imagine going without one now