Solid Gold Package - SG-10 Solid Gold 10 inch Diamond Blade with Solid Gold Dressing Stone

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CD Products SG-10 Solid Gold 10'' Diamond Blade

The Solid Gold SG-10 is a premium grade diamond blade for cutting dense porcelain, ceramic, granite, marble and stone. The blade is equipped with a reinforced core and an ultra thin diamond rim; this combination allows the Solid Gold blade to produce super fast, chip-free cuts with extreme precision. The new Solid-Core technology prevents any blade wobble or deflection and the continuous cutting rim is loaded with diamond to provide razor clean cuts each and every time!


    • Super-thin kerf (0.05" thickness) for lightning fast, ultra precise cuts
    • Solid-Core technology eliminates blade wobble and deflection
    • Thicker core reduces noise
    • Excellent cutting performance with porcelain, ceramic tile, marble, granite, engineered stone and natural stone

    • 10" Blade Diameter
    • Continuous Rim
    • Wet Cutting Only
    • 5/16" (8mm) Rim Height
    • 0.050" Kerf
    • 6,100 Maximum RPM
    • 5/8" Arbor Size
    • *The SG-10 Solid Gold Diamond Blade is designed for straight cuts only; clean-out cuts and tip-up cuts are not recommended and may cause damage to the blade*

    Solid Gold Diamond Blade Specifications
    Part No.Blade DiameterRim TypeWet/Dry CuttingRim HeightKerfMaximum RPMArbor Size
    SG-1010''ContinuousWet5/16'' (8mm)0.050''6,1005/8''

    Solid Gold Diamond Blade Resin Dressing Stone

    • Use Solid Gold resin dressing stones to unleash your true cutting power.
    • Larger size: 6-1/4" x 1-3/4" x 1-3/16".
    • Abrasive resin exposes fresh diamond to revitalize cutting performance.
    • Brings dull, glazed over diamond blades, core bits, and drill bits back to life.
    • Diamond blades should be dressed every 40-50 cuts to maximize cutting efficiency and prolong blade life.
    • Solid Gold dressing stones can be used to restore the cutting power of hole saws, core bits, grinding wheels, and other diamond products.
    • Stones can also be used to smooth rough tile edges without discoloring tile.
    Reasons to Dress a Diamond Blade
    • The cutting efficiency of any diamond tool will diminish over time.
    • Blades and core bits can easily become dirty, clogged, and glazed-over when cutting through hard porcelain and other tough materials.
    • Dirty diamond blades and core bits can cause tiles to rub, bounce, burn, or chip while cutting.
    • Solid Gold resin dressing stones effectively remove any glazed-over debris from the tool's diamond matrix and expose clean, sharp diamond that is ready to cut again "like-new".
    How to Dress a Diamond Blade
    • To dress a diamond blade, begin by making one shallow (~1/8") wet cut into a Solid Gold dressing stone.
    • Slowly deepen the cut until the entire diamond rim makes contact with the resin dressing stone.
    • Repeat this process once or twice to fully clean and dress your diamond blade.
    • To get the most use out of your dressing stone, do not cut any deeper than the total diamond segment height (rim height) of your blade or hole saw.

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