Pearl SD Dry Cutting Turbo Diamond Blade

  • 4 inch Blade (DIA004SD) has a New Low Price! Was $63.55, now only $58.00!
  • Cuts granite, block, brick, concrete marble, natural stone, refractory material, soft stone, sand stone
  • Wave design features add stability to the steel core, thus eliminating warping problems
  • The waved-core allows air to be drawn in through the matrix and across the core, reducing friction keeping the core cool
  • While the blade is cutting, the debris is removed from the cutting path via the waved core thus extending the life of the blade
  • 4" blade 20mm, 5/8 arbors
  • 4-1/2" blades have a: 7/8 / 5/8 arbors
  • 7" blades have a: DM / 7/8 / 5/8 arbors

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