SPARTACOTE Polyaspartic Pigments

Reactint™ Polyaspartic Pigments are used exclusively with Sparta-Flex®, Sparta-Flex® XT™ and Sparta-Flex® PURE™ polyaspartic coatings. The raw Spartacote pigments are available in many colors and are designed to mix only with the highest quality polyaspartic resins. Once ready for use, these concentrated pigments are dispersed directly into short-filled part A pigment base.

Reactint® pigments provide single-coat color hide with superior consistency. Suitable for interior or exterior applications, UV stable components provide customers with excellent color retention indoors and out year after year.

Polyaspartic Pigment Colors & Features

  • Pigments available in either 1 quart or 1.25 gallon sizes
  • Standard colors include:
    • Light Grey
    • Medium Grey
    • Dark Grey
    • Light Beige
    • Sand Beige
    • Dark Beige
    • Light Brown
    • Black
  • UV stable, suitable for exterior applications
  • Excellent color hide and retention
  • Easy to use on-site color dispersion system

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