Klindex POLISH KP92 Polishing Powder for Marble & Limestone, 5 kg (11 lbs), 000650

POLISH KP92 is a special powder for polishing standard marble and limestone that can also be used as a daily cleaner for stone surfaces.

Stone Polishing Powder Features

  • Premium grade polishing powder
  • Removes stains, fungus and soap scum from dirty grout
  • Great for use on rough or honed surfaces


  • Apply ~½ cup of POLISH KP92 to the stone surface and add a little water - product must be used with water
  • Use a high-speed floor machine to work the polishing powder into a "yogurt-like" cream
  • Work until the floor becomes shiny - add more polish and water if necessary to maintain the creamy consistency
  • Wash the floor with a clean polishing pad and water
  • Once dry, polish the surface with a dry pad to finish the job
  • Do not leave the polish on the floor without rising!

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