Klindex Kristal BLU Granite & Gres Polishing Cream, 1 Gallon, 04826TA

Kristal BLU is a high-performance polishing cream for gres, granite, engineered quartz, glass, and ceramic tile. The tile polishing cream penetrates the material evenly and solidifies into a transparent, super-strong protective layer. KRISTAL BLU defends against stains, scratches, and alkali/acid markings. Tile and stone surfaces will appear oily and glossy once the polishing cream has cured.

Tile Polishing Cream Details

  • Glossy Finish - Very small partical size (5 nanometers) allows for even penetration into tile pores for uniformly glossy finish
  • Wear Resistant - Super strong titanium micro particles within cream embed into material to drastically increase surface strength and wear resistance
  • Stain and Slip Resistant - Creates hydrophobic layer that protects against stains and increases surface friction coefficinet to make the surface wholly slip resistant

Kristal BLU Application

  • Step 1 - Clean and dry the floor
  • Step 2 - Apply a small amount of Kristal BLU (2 tsb per 10 sq ft) to the floor and quickly polish with a single disk floor machine and abrasive pad for 1-2 minutes or until floor appears dry
  • Step 3 - Repeat Step 2 until the desired effect is achieved
  • Step 4 - Buff floor with clean white pad to remove streaks and residue

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