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313980752 Topcon RL-H4C Self-Leveling Slope-Matching Rotary Laser Level

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  • Fast, automatic self-leveling
  • Rugged construction with dual handles and IP66 water-resistant housing
  • All RL-H4C laser levels are covered by Topcons 5-year guarantee
  • 320628121 Topcon TP-210T Heavy Duty Aluminum Tripod

  • Heavy duty aluminum tripod with a sling strap for easy hand or shoulder carrying.
  • Mounting thread size 5/8"-11.
  • Works great with Topcon RL-H4C, auto levels, laser levels, transit levels, theodolites, total stations back-site setup, etc.
  • 5718 Topcon E-Z Read Grade Rods

    $103.00 to $105.00
  • Rod Collapses to 5 ft 5-3/8 inch and extends to 10ft 6-1/4 inch
  • Fixed scale starting at zero and reads how high or how low you are from your zero staring point.
  • No math when taking grade shots above or below a known elevation.
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