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MLTREADYKIT MLT 100 Piece T2 Strap (Ready) Mini Kit

$87.69 to $211.00
  • No Pre-assembly required
  • Recommended for installations of thin tile
  • MLT 100 Piece Mini Kit
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    7443 MLT Leveling System T2 Ready Straps

    $97.50 to $195.00
  • No pre-assembly required
  • Use to obtain perfect alignment and plane during curing
  • Single piece strap can only be used once

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    7343 MLT Leveling System Porcelain Base Plates, Green Bag

    $47.50 to $190.00
  • Porcelain Base Plates for MLT Leveling System
  • For use with any standard ceramic or porcelain tile
  • No pre-soaking required
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    MLT250CAP MLT 250 Piece Reusable Caps

  • Cap can be loosened to clean grout joints if necessary
  • Steel tongue inserts prolong cap life
  • Reusable means less waste
  • MLTGUN MLT Leveling System Ergonomic Gun

  • Tensioning dial which allows the pressure needed for different types of materials and situations, optimizing the performance of the system.
  • MLTSTI MLT Leveling System Stainless Steel Tongue Inserts 100 Pcs

  • Stainless Steel Tongue Inserts for Caps 100 Count Bag
  • Prior to inserting the steel tongue, you should pass the metal part of the strap in and out to clean any blurs left from the mold and the stainless steel inserts will slip in with ease
  • MLT125STRAP MLT Leveling System 125 Piece T1 Strap

  • Reusable MLT tile leveling strap
  • Use with MLT base plates & caps to level wall & floor tile
  • 125 piece box
  • MLTRF MLT Leveling System 250 Piece Rubber Feet for Caps

  • Protective rubber to be applied on the cap to prevent scratches and markings during the tiling of polished marble and stone
  • 7344 MLT Leveling System Thin Tile Base Plates

    $47.50 to $95.00
  • MLT Base Plates for Thin Tile
  • Use with tile less than 1/4" thick
  • No pre-soaking required
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