Applied Diamond Tools

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Applied Diamond Tools

5965 Aluminum Dual 4" Suction Cup

  • Capacity: 160 lbs.
  • Dual suction cup for lifting large tile and stone.
  • Suction cup’s load capacity decreases when used on rough surfaces.
  • 5241 8" ADT Vacuum Suction Cup with Metal Handle

  • Tough light-weight plastic body and ABS gas barrel.
  • Excellent for lifting and carrying stone tiles, slabs, and glass.
  • 125 lbs maximum horizontal lifting capacity and 100 lbs maximum vertical lifting capacity.
  • 3174 Ratchet Mini Seam Setter

  • MINI seam setter is the simplest but very functional seam joining tool in the market.
  • Features double 4" suction cups, manual puller/tighten handle, and center leveler.