Bartell SPE 9 Shot Blaster

The SPE 9 shot blaster from Bartell has been developed specifically for the preparation of smaller and confined areas. Perfect for removal of old coatings, texturizing smooth concrete surfaces, providing non-slip surfaces, and removing concrete laitance.

Shot Blaster Features

  • Working width 9 inches (230 mm).
  • SPE9G-110v is Manually driven.
  • SPE9ES-220v includes electric drive system.
  • Ideal for smaller projects.
  • Optional seal system to vary blast width.
  • capable of using up to S550 abrasive.
  • Made of manganese steel.
  • Optional seal to adjust blast width.
  • Height-adjustable handle and wheel clearance.
  • "Dead man" safety handle for automatic stop.
  • Dust free operation.

Bartell SPE Shot Blaster Specifications

ModelSPE 9G-1SPE 9ES-2A
Power2.6 hp3 hp
Draw15 Amp16 Amp
Dimensions340 x 840 x 830 mm

(13.4 x 33.1 x 32.7 inch)
800 x 340 x 840 mm

(31.5 x 13.4 x 33.1 inch)
Weight137 lbs.196 lbs.
Electrical Requirements
Plug Size16A / 3 Pin16A / 3 Pin
Cable Size2.5 mm (0.1 inch)2.5 mm | 3 core
Max Cable Length30 m (98 feet)30 m (98 feet)
Transformer3 kva12 kva
Generator5 kva5 kva

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