Wyco Sure Speed Electric Motor, WSD1

Reduce your patching cost, Wyco Tool’s new energy efficient Sure Speed motor requires less power consumption by using only the energy necessary for job completion, produces less noise, and maintains a longer life span than competing motors. The Sure Speed produces uniform and repeatable vibration-every time. The user only needs one motor to power any shaft length and head size.

  • Wyco Shaft sold separately.
  • One motor drives any combination of shaft and head size and maintains uniform speed.
  • Threaded motor connection.
Sure Speed Features
  • 3 horsepower electric motor, 2 Wire.
  • Double Insulated Constant Speed, 115 Volts.
  • Energy efficient system
  • One motor-drives any size shaft or head
  • Performs in a variety of slumps
  • Ergonomic hand grip and shoulder strap
  • Lightweight, yet powerful.
  • Runs at 10,500 vpm to prevent overspeeding concrete.
Why Sure Speed?
  • Concrete has infinite variables in which affect a mix and the defects that surface once the forms are removed. The Sure Speed eliminates one of these variables by keeping the vibrator running at the same speed, regardless of load, shaft or head size. It’s innovative, it’s Sure Speed.
  • Since the original design of the flex shaft vibrator 50 years ago, the product has had little dynamic changes to overcome speed compatibility issues with today’s mix design consistencies. Over the past 10 years concrete mixes contain larger amounts of plasticizers to enable pumping operations and flow around high rebar concentrations. Applying high vibrator speed found in the industry today to these mixes that are prone to bleeding usually results in form face surface defects.
  • Sure Speed’s unique design controls vibrator speed, lowers the amount of concrete bleeding, and reduces harmful loss of air entrainment and concrete segregation due to over vibrating. Sure Speed allows the operator to be in control of the process by eliminating the speed variations inherent with existing vibrators affected by motor size, head size, and shaft length.

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