Wyco EZ Vibe ICF Square Heads Concrete Vibrator

Portable, light-weight power for deep forms.

Wyco's exclusive Square Head design

  • Compact, portable hand-held vibrator equipped with a four stroke gas engine.
  • Ideal when deeper forms need vibrating and electric power is not desired.
  • The well balanced EZ vibe reduces fatigue and has many user friendly features such as a speed and runtime tachometer.
  • The EZ Vibe has no air hoses or electric cords to get tangled in the rebar or tie downs.
  • Applications include: Deep forms, such as basements, etc, as well as footings, culverts, bridge decks, tilt-up walls, residential flatwork, and/or any other "hard-to-reach", remote concrete construction site jobs.
  • Also ideal as an emergency standby vibrator in case of power failure on the job site.
  • When compared to the EZ Vibe, the EZ Vibe ICF is capable of longer shafts, and does not contain the aluminum contour that keeps the unit away from the user. Unlike the standard EZ Vibe, the EZ Vibe ICF is designed to be used in deep, long forms, ideal for insulated concrete basements and residential applications.
EZ Vibe ICF Overview:
  • Ability to vibrate with shafts 8’-12’.
  • Ability to use 13/16" or 1" Square Head.
  • Complete with a tachometer measuring vibration speed and hours.
  • 33cc 4-cycle Robin engine.
  • 1.6 hp; .65 liter fuel tank capacity.
  • Diaphragm Carburetor
  • Adjustable shoulder harness included.

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