Wedi Subliner Dry & Flex Sealing & Isolation Mat, 5 m x 1 m (53 sq.ft.)

Thin-layer, crack-bridging sealing membrane made from highly tear-resistant polyethylene film that ensures excellent adhesion of tile-setting compounds thanks to its special fleece layer on each side. Use with ceramic tiles and slabs and with natural stone cladding for internal walls and floors to provide quick sealing for projects with a tight deadline.


  • Wedi Subliner Dry is a membrane sealing system for humid areas with moderate load, moisture exposure classes A0 and B0 as per the ZDB data sheet.
  • Perfect for Domestic bathrooms, Hotel bathrooms, Balconies and terraces.
  • Approved for use in forming a composite sealing layer in high-load wet areas of load classes A and C.
  • Shower systems, Swimming pool surrounds, Commercial kitchens and laundries.
Surface requirements
  • All surfaces should be solid, load-bearing and even.
  • Surfaces should be free from dust, dirt, loose components and separating agents such as oil, grease, wax, paint and coatings.
  • All absorbent mineral surfaces should be primed. Smooth or non-absorbent surfaces that cannot be removed should also be primed.
  • Concrete and lightweight concrete should be at least 3 months of age.
Product Properties
  • Waterproof and vapor-retarding.
  • Flexible and crack-bridging.
  • High tear resistance.
  • Alkali-resistant.
  • Non-ageing and rot-proof.
  • Easy to use, Quick installation, Low structural height.
  • Can be used with hot-water floor heating systems.
  • High compound adhesion with wedi installation materials.
  • Resistant to chemicals in accordance with DIN EN 1847.

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