Warmly Yours Tempzone 120 V Flex Rolls

Warmly Yours TempZone™ Flex Roll installs underneath ceramic tile, natural stone, hardwood, wood, and other popular flooring materials, giving homeowners radiant in-floor heating that's truly luxurious.

How Warmly Yours Flex Rolls Work:

  • TempZone™ heating mats for floors consist of a heating cable secured onto a green mesh fabric, and the heating cable is distributed in serpentine loops.
  • The cable loops are 3" apart, which helps deliver even heating throughout flooring areas, never leaving cold spots in the room.
  • TempZone™ Flex technology is made specifically for full coverage.
  • The evenly spaced, 3” serpentine loop design delivers more heating capacity and faster floor warm-ups than most competitive systems.
  • Less than 1/8” thick, it installs easily under tile, stone and marble flooring.
  • Cut-and-Turn Installation for Maximum Flexibility

Other Features:

  • Energy Efficient; converting 100% of the energy - Warms a master bath for less than 16 cents a day or a large family room for less than 65 cents a day
  • 25-Year No Nonsense™ Warranty - covers ALL Parts and labor
  • Twin Conductor (3" Serpentine loops)
  • Warmly Yours Circuit Check required to ensure trouble-free installation of your radiant floor heating system.

Warmly Yours Signature Services

  • Industry Leading 24/7 Installation Support
  • Lifetime Technical Support
  • Unbeatable No Nonsense™ Warranties (cover ALL parts/labor)
Item #WidthLengthSq. Ft.WattageAmperage
TRT120-1.5x041 ft. 6 in.4 ft6.0 sq ft900.80
TRT120-1.5x061 ft. 6 in.6 ft9.0 sq ft1351.20
TRT120-1.5x091 ft. 6 in.9 ft13.5 sq ft2031.70
TRT120-1.5x121 ft. 6 in.12 ft18.0 sq ft2702.30
TRT120-1.5x151 ft. 6 in.15 ft22.5 sq ft3382.90
TRT120-1.5x181 ft. 6 in.18 ft27.0 sq ft4053.40
TRT120-1.5x211 ft. 6 in.21 ft31.5 sq ft4734.00
TRT120-1.5x241 ft. 6 in.24 ft36.0 sq ft5404.50
TRT120-1.5x271 ft. 6 in.27 ft40.5 sq ft6085.10
TRT120-1.5x301 ft. 6 in.30 ft45.0 sq ft6755.70
TRT120-1.5x331 ft. 6 in.33 ft49.5 sq ft7436.20
TRT120-1.5x381 ft. 6 in.38 ft57.0 sq ft8557.20
TRT120-1.5x431 ft. 6 in.43 ft64.5 sq ft9688.10
TRT120-1.5x481 ft. 6 in.48 ft72.0 sq ft1,0809.00
TRT120-1.5x521 ft. 6 in.52 ft78.0 sq ft1,1709.80
TRT120-1.5x561 ft. 6 in.56 ft84.0 sq ft1,26010.50
TRT120-1.5x601 ft. 6 in.60 ft90.0 sq ft1,35011.25
TRT120-1.5x661 ft. 6 in.66 ft99.0 sq ft1,48512.38
TRT120-1.5x041 ft. 6 in.4 ft6 sq ft900.80
TRT120-1.5x701 ft. 6 in.70 ft105.0 sq ft1,57513.13

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