Warmly Yours Environ 240 V Flex Rolls

Environ Electric Underfloor Heating Systems for carpet, laminate, and floating floors are ideal for adding warmth and comfort to your soft carpet or nice laminate and floating floors. Make any room in your home more comfortable by installing radiant underfloor heating.

New Non-Adhesive Foil Techonology:

  • Warmly Yours was the first company to introduce this advanced design and heating technology, a non-adhesive foil electric underfloor heating system.
  • Environ Flex Rolls are the perfect way to bring underfloor heating to your home.
  • With an easy installation process and option for covering large or small areas, they’re great for any room you want to warm up

Other Features:

  • 25-Year No Nonsense™ Warranty - covers ALL Parts and labor
  • Twin Conductor (3" Serpentine loops)
  • Warmly Yours Circuit Check required to ensure trouble-free installation of your radiant floor heating system.

Warmly Yours Signature Services

  • Industry Leading 24/7 Installation Support
  • Lifetime Technical Support
  • Unbeatable No Nonsense™ Warranties (cover ALL parts/labor)
Item #WidthLengthSq. Ft.WattageAmperage
ERT240-1.5x061 ft. 6 in.6 ft9.0 sq ft1080.45
ERT240-1.5x081 ft. 6 in.8 ft12.0 sq ft1440.60
ERT240-1.5x101 ft. 6 in.10 ft15.0 sq ft1800.75
ERT240-1.5x141 ft. 6 in.14 ft21.0 sq ft2521.05
ERT240-1.5x201 ft. 6 in.20 ft30.0 sq ft3601.50
ERT240-1.5x251 ft. 6 in.25 ft37.5 sq ft4501.88
ERT240-1.5x301 ft. 6 in.30 ft45.0 sq ft5402.25
ERT240-1.5x351 ft. 6 in.35 ft52.5 sq ft6302.63
ERT240-1.5x401 ft. 6 in.40 ft60.0 sq ft7203.00
ERT240-1.5x451 ft. 6 in.45 ft67.5 sq ft8103.38
ERT240-1.5x501 ft. 6 in.50 ft75.0 sq ft9003.75
ERT240-1.5x601 ft. 6 in.60 ft90.0 sq ft1,0804.50
ERT240-1.5x701 ft. 6 in.70 ft105.0 sq ft1,2605.25
ERT240-1.5x801 ft. 6 in.80 ft120.0 sq ft1,4406.00
ERT240-1.5x901 ft. 6 in.90 ft135.0 sq ft1,6206.75

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