Wacker Neuson PS3-2200, 3" Submersible Pump

Single Phase 220V/60Hz

Lightweight, portable, single phase submersible pumps are designed to handle water and solids.

Built for the demands of construction, mining, municipality and farm applications.

Features and benefits

  • Lightweight, compact design for easy transport and positioning of pump.
  • Built-in thermal protection prevents motor damage due to impeller blockage, reducing service repairs.
  • Heavy-duty power cord with strain relief resists pullout and abrasion reducing costly repairs.
  • Insulation on all conductors of the power cable are protected by a water block system to prevent wicking of water into the motor.
  • Silicon carbide faced double mechanical seals run in an isolated oil-filled cavity, allowing for seal lubrication, cooling and overall motor protection.
  • Preliminary v-ring or lip seal (depending on model) shields the mechanical seal from abrasive wear due to suspended debris in pumping fluid.
  • Semi-vortex impeller allows for optimum wear resistance.
Technical features