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1816 Flextherm 3.6W Green Cable Surface XL, 240 Volt.

  • 240 Volts draw less Amps for larger room, kitchen & living room,
  • Compatible with uncoupling membrane installation systems.
  • Use on ceramic and natural stone floor coverings.
  • Robust sheath with a constant diameter.
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    FLS1260 Flextherm Thermal probe, 10 ft. of wire (for thermostats)

  • For use with the FLP30 & FLP45 thermostat.
  • Flexible wire casing.
  • FLE30-120/240GA Flextherm Expansion unit

  • FLE30 model compatible with the FLP35 programmable thermostat and FLK30 non-programmable thermostat.
  • Each unit supports a load of 15 A (the number of units required depends on the installation load).
  • FLK30-120/240GA Flextherm Non Programmable Electronic Thermostat

  • Choose your settings as you go achieve desired comfort with the touch of a button.
  • Sleek and modern design that fits into any decor.
  • FLP35-120/240GA Flextherm Programmable Electronic Thermostat

  • Electronic thermostat’s large display and sleek design, saving energy has never looked so good.
  • Sleek and modern design that fits into any decor.
  • 1814 Flextherm 3.6W Green Cable Surface XL, 120 Volt.

    $168.90 to $346.60
  • Compatible with uncoupling membrane installation systems.
  • Use with ceramic and natural stone floor coverings.
  • Robust sheath with a constant diameter.
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    US5000045 Wedi 4" Margin Trowel (Tapered Bucket Trowel)

  • High quality carbonated steel tapered scoop trowel.
  • Goose neck handle design stores easily on the rim.
  • Flat surface wipes clean.
  • Wedi Stainless Steel Professional 1/8" x 1/8" Notch Trowel

  • Designed for applying parquet floor adhesives.
  • Stainless premium steel notch trowel.
  • Perfect for installing Wedi and Schluther Kerdi products.
  • 9717 Montolit Masterpiuma Measurement Guide

    $105.00 to $136.48
  • 455P2 fits Masterpiuma 44P2 (18") & 52P2 (20") cutters.
  • 456P2 fits Masterpiuma 63P2 (24"), 75P2 (29") & 93P2 (36") cutters.
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    58999 Rubi DT180 Evolution 7" Wet Tile Saw

  • Large cutting capacity 24" rip cut 18" diagonally.
  • Plunge cutting head, 2-1/4" cutting depth.
  • Use promo code RUBI2015 for a free stand!
  • US4000001 Wedi Ecobath Tub Surround Kit

  • For Tub surrounds, Shower Wall Surrounds and use with Ecobath Onestep Shower Bases.
  • 3 ft. x 5 ft. x 1/2“ Building Panels.
  • 017703232K Laticrete Strata Mat Uncoupling Membrane

  • Uncoupling membrane for use under ceramic tile and stone installations.
  • For use with both modified and unmodified mortars.
  • Full roll 323 sq. ft roll under $300
  • D24000K Dewalt Wet Tile Saw, 2 Blades & Stand

  • Includes Dewalt DW4763 10" XP Porcelain Blade and 2 DeWALT DW4764 10" XP4 Porcelain Diamond Blade and Stand
  • 24" rip cut capacity. 18" x 18" diagonal cuts.
  • Weighs only 69 lbs.
  • D24000S Dewalt Wet Tile Saw and stand

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  • 24" rip cut capacity. 18" x 18" diagonal cuts
  • Weighs only 69 lbs
  • 10" porcelain diamond blade included.
  • Free Shipping from CT
  • LS100Kit Raimondi RLS System Starter Kit

  • System Starter Kit includes floor plier, 100 regular clips, and 100 wedges.
  • Tile thickness minimum required 1/8", max 3/4".
  • Minimum required joint: 1/16", max 1/8".
  • MLTBPKIT MLT Leveling System Starter Kit

  • 200 Caps, 250 Straps, 500 Porcelain Bases, 1 Ergonomic Tool, Carrying Case.
  • 7350 DuPont Stone Tech Bullet Proof Sealer Water Base

    $18.93 to $677.90
  • Maximum protection against stains. Water based.
  • Natural stone such as marble, granite, limestone, slate, and travertine.
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    9744 Sigma Technica Pull Handle Tile Cutter

    $222.95 to $400.00
  • 2G Technica 14" (10"x10" diagonal)
  • 2A3 Technica 20" (14"x14" diagonal)
  • 2B3 Technica 26" (18"x18" diagonal)
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    PDESH Prodeso Underfloor Heat System Membrane

  • Underfloor Electric Heating System with uncoupling/ vapor management/load distribution and waterproof properties.
  • Uncoupling crack isolation waterproofing membrane.
  • Designed to embed and hold floor heating cables.
  • 35602 Kristal Giga-Cut 36" Tile Cutter With Laser

  • Ball bearing tile cutter with spring loaded pads & double breaker system cuts through hard porcelain and ceramic tile with ease.
  • Laser system improves accuracy.
  • 6091 Pearl DTL10HPXL P4 10" Porcelain Blade

  • 10" diameter 5/8" arbor.
  • Aggressive diamond matrix for wet cutting porcelain.
  • 6036Kit D24000 Dewalt Wet Tile Saw with DW130V Mixing Drill & Stand

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  • Dewalt D24000S 10" Wet Tile Saw with DW130V mixing drill and stand.
  • 24" rip cut capacity. 18" x 18" diagonal cuts.
  • Weighs only 69 lbs.
  • 7694 Raimondi 1/16" Large Clip Tile Leveling System

    $28.90 to $184.00
  • Tile thickness minimum required 1/2", max 3/4".
  • Minimum required joint: 1/16", (1.5mm).
  • Works well with both Wall and Floor projects!
  • Tiles are not pulled from the thinset, they're pushed into it.
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    7689 Raimondi 1/16" Regular Clip Tile Leveling System

    $29.00 to $195.00
  • Tile thickness minimum required 1/8", max 1/2".
  • Minimum required joint: 1/16", (1.5mm).
  • Works well with both Wall and Floor projects!
  • Tiles are not pulled from the thinset, they're pushed into it.
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    We have the largest selection of wet tile saws, tile cutters, & tile leveling systems online. Some of the wet saws that we carry are the Dewalt tile saws including the Dewalt D24000 & MK370Exp, Imer Combi 250 VA tile saw, Rubi DT 250 Evolution, Husqvarna Tilematic TS 250 X3, Gemini Curve Cutting saws & Pearl PA7 Wet Saw. We have tile cutters from Rubi Tools including the Rubi TS-43 tile cutter & Rubi TR-600S tile cutter, Tomecanic Supercut, Sigma tile cutters, Montolit Masterpiuma Evolution 3, & Ishii Big Clinker. The Stone & Tile Tools category also features diamond blades for porcelain, granite, marble, glass, kneepads from KP Industries & Troxel, shower drains, waterproof membranes , diamond hole saws & core bits, hand sponges, grout cleaning systems , shower niche, profiling equipment, shower benches, & more.
    Tile Saws & Stone Saws
    We have the largest selection of tile saws on the web. You will find everything from small portable wet tile saws to large 10ft stone saws. We also carry rail saws, stone track saws, & handheld saws. Dewalt D24000, Target by Husqvarna, MK Diamond, Imer, Felker, Pearl Abrasive, Raimondi, QEP, Rubi, Gemini Revolution, & more.
    Tile & Stone Diamond Blades
    A crisp, cosmetic look is important for tile cutting. Diamond blades help you achieve the exact look you need. Whether it is for commercial or residential display, diamond blades do the work for you and get it done quickly and efficiently.
    Tile Cutters & Nippers
    Score and break ceramic tile with a manual push or pull type tile cutters. Tile nippers are used to chip away irregular shapes on tile. We carry Sigma, Tomecanic, Rubi, Montolit, Ishii, QEP, & Superior. The tile cutters range in size from 6" to 50".
    Tile Leveling Systems
    Tile leveling systems virtually eliminates lippage during the hardening of the adhesive. Plastic spacers are made to evenly space (ceramic, marble, stone, etc.) floor and wall tiles to create consistent uniformed grout lines.
    • Straps - Straps from Raimondi, Tuscan, Rubi, Prodesso, DTA are available in different quantities
    • Caps/Wedges - Reusable wedges from Raimondi & reusable straps caps Tuscan, Rubi, Prodesso, DTA
    • Tools - Floor pliers, wall pliers, & removal tools
    • Kits - Kits from Raimondi, Tuscan, Rubi, & DTA
    Shower Installation Products
    Tools to build a shower including trench drains, shower niche, benches, pitch tools from companies like Laticrete, Better Bench, Mark E Industries, Quick Drain, & Quartz by Aco.
    • Shower Drains - Linear drains, square drains, round drains from Ebbe, Quartz by Aco, Laticrete, & Quick Drain
    • Shower Installation Products - Includes tile ready pre-sloped shower pans from Laticrete, Pre-Pitch, Quick-Pitch, & Kirb Perfect from Mark E, & the Quick Drain Quick Slope.
    • Shower Niche - Shower Niche from Laticrete Innovis Recess-It, & QuickShelf
    • Shower Benches - Shower benches, Shelves, & seats from Innovis Better Bench, Laticrete, & Mark E
    Water Proof & Uncoupling Membranes
    Provides waterproofing and crack isolation/joint bridging for thin-set installations of ceramic and stone tile.
    • Waterproof Membranes - Includes Laticrete Hydroban, NobleSeal TS, Choraloy. Both liquid membrane and sheet membranes are available.
    • Uncoupling Membranes - Laticrete Stratamat, Tavy Thin Skin, & Prodesso Heat System Membrane
    • Accessories - Seam sealers, inside & outside corner, double sided tape & other tools.
    Grouting Tools
    We have every grout tool needed including hand sponges, grout cleaning systems, grout floats, grout removal tools, & more
    Polishers, Sanders, & Profiling Equipment
    Profiling equipment, profile wheels, flexible diamond pads for finishing and polishing, polishers, & sanders.
    • Profiling Machines - Fabricate the most professional looking Bullnose on the jobsite. Easy bullnosing on granite, marble, all porcelain, slate, & glass tile.
    • Profile Wheels - Profile wheels for your tile saw, wet polisher, & profiling machines.
    • Polishing Pad - Wet and dry polishing pads for granite, porcelain & marble.
    • Polishers / Sanders - Electric and air wet polishers for polishing and profiling tile and stone.
    • Cup Wheels - Grind shape and bevel all type of stones and tiles.
    • Backer Pads - Flexible and rigid hook and loop backer pads, and backer pads for psa and quick change pva.
    • Buffing Compound - Brings an incredibly high gloss finish in a very short time. Will even take care of scratches.
    • Accessories - Accessories for Profiling equipment.
    • Parts - Brushes for wet polishers.
    Kneepads & Gloves
    Large selection of kneepads & gloves that provide superior comfort & protection.
    • Kneepads - Brands include KP Industries, Troxell, Racatac, & Roller knee pads.
    • Gloves - For tile setting and other industrial or household applications.
    • Parts - Replacement straps, liners, parts for kneepads.
    Diamond Hole Saws & Core Bits
    Wet or dry drilling of porcelain, glass or floor tile.
    More Tile & Stone Tools
    Tools to help make every tile job easier.
    • Water Heaters - Water heaters for your tile saws and grouting buckets.
    • Other Tile & Stone Tools - Tile floor vent registers, grout bags, rubber mallets, educational dvd's & more.
    • Cement Shears - The quickest and cleanest way to cut backerboard! Minimize dirty cement dust and grit that can scratch tiles.
    • Dollies - Dollies for tiles & buckets.
    • Material Handling - Suction cups & seam setters
    • Rubbing Stones - Dressing stone is used to expose new cutting surfaces on diamond blades.
    • Brushes - Foxtail duster brush, bucket brushes, and grout & crevice brushes
    Mixers & Drills
    Mixing drills, gout, mortar, thin-set mixers & mixing paddles.
    • Mixers - Brands include Rubimix, Dewalt, Collomix, Raimondi & Eibenstock
    • Mixing Paddles - Mixing paddles for grout & mortar with m-14 thread, heaxafix, & standard 1/2 inch shank
    • Accessories - Buckets, stands, & dust control.
    Jamb Saws & Toe Kick Saws
    For undercutting along walls, door jambs, and even under toe spaces to tear out underlayment.
    • Jamb Saws & Toe Kick Saws - Crain, Roberts power door jamb saws fully undercut corners..
    • Jamb Saw Blades - Choose from carbide tipped wood cutting blades or diamond blades for undercutting ceramic tile, brick, concrete, stone, marble, or granite.
    Spacers & Wedges
    Spacers, wedges, horseshoe shims & removal tools can be found in this category.
    • Spacers - Plastic spacers are made to evenly space (ceramic, marble, stone, etc.) floor and wall tiles to create consistent uniformed grout lines.
    • T spacers - Works great with brick pattern tile layout.
    • Wedges - Crucial for achieving a level first row of wall tile.
    • Spacer Removal Tools - Make removal tile spacers easy with our spacer removal tools.
    Tile Removal (Scalers, Scrapers)
    Electric & pneumatic scalers. scrapers for the removal of ceramic tile, vinyl floors, thinset, & glue.
    • Tile Removal Tools - Removes tiles, carpeting, roofing materials, fireproofing, rubber coatings, waterproofing, linoleum, insulation, asbestos, mastics, paint build-up, & ice.
    • Chisels & Blades - Chisels and blades for Trewlawnt, Edco, Novatek, Pearl, & more.
    Large selection of notched trowels, margin trowels, pool trowels, & tile setters trowels.
    • Notched Trowels - All standard notch sizes including the Schluter Ditra & Kerdi, and the Schneegans notch. Brands include Marshalltown, Barwalt, Raimondi, & Troxel.
    • Other Trowels - Margins trowels, tile setter's trowels, pool trowels, & pointing trowels can be found in this category.
    • Accessories - Back butter buddy, handles, and cases for trowels.
    Layout & Marking Tools
    Tools to make measuring & marking tile easy. You will also find tools to make installing mud showers a simple task.
    • Layout Tools - Tools to help make difficult cuts easy, starting the first row of tile, & more.
    • Straight Edges - Aluminum straight edges for bathtubs, shower stalls & floors.
    • Marking Tools - Ink line, china markers, & carbide scoring tools.
    Floor Heat
    Installs under tile, stone, marble, and laminate/engineered wood floors. Perfect to heat wet areas such as shower beds and benches or saunas.
    • Heat Mats - Heat mats from Laticrete & Nuheat. Wire floor heating system from Nuheat that allows adjustments for any room including those with curves and angles.
    • Thermostats - Programmable thermostats can be controlled using a mobile smart phone app (iOS and Android) or web browser..
    • Accessories - Fault detectors, wire extensions, relays & sensors.
    Kitchen Sinks
    The sink is the focal point and the busiest spot in your kitchen. Nearly every meal begins and ends in its embrace. That's why you need a sink to be durable, practical, and stylish.
    Floor Care Protection, & Maintenance
    Sealers, cleaners, & enhancers for tile, grout & stone
    • Sealers - Simplifies grout, tile & stone maintenance & provides stain protection.
    • Cleaners - Cleaners for stone, grout, & tile. Removes grease, stains, soap scum hard water deposits, dirt and soil from grout joints. Removes cured grout and mortar haze, rust and mineral deposits including efflorescence.
    • Enhancers - Rejuvenates the color and improves the appearance of worn and weathered stone.