Schluter Systems Kerdi Shower Components

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Schluter Systems Kerdi Shower Components

5223 Schluter Kerdi-Board-SN Shower Niches

$48.95 to $87.95
  • 1/8" (3 mm) thick, which minimizes tile assembly thickness and reduces transitions to lower surface coverings (e.g., carpet, engineered wood, and vinyl)
  • Perfect for ceramic tile application over single-layer plywood or OSB subfloors
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    5373 Schluter Kerdi Shower Seats

    $131.95 to $230.00
  • Light weight and load bearing
  • No additional waterproofing required
  • Ready to tile
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    5333 KERDI-DRAIN Flange Drain Assemblies

    $95.00 to $115.00
  • Allows for a secure waterproof connection
  • PVC flange has a 2" outlet
  • Drain grate can be laterally adjusted to fit the layout
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    1544 Schluter Kerdi Shower Kit

    $385.00 to $725.95
  • All-inclusive package containing each of the integrated family of components required to create a maintenance-free, watertight shower assembly without a mortar bed.
  • Kerdi drain sold separately
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