Ebbe Shower Installation Products

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Ebbe Shower Installation Products

3170 ebbe Drains, Riser and Hair Trap

$8.96 to $30.14
  • Ebbe square shower drain body.
  • Construction plug included.
  • Designed to thread into the female threads of standard shower drain fittings.
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    3171 Ebbe Grates For Shower Drains

  • Better for ceramic tiled showers than any other drain.
  • Heavy Drain Grate made from heavy die cast zinc and will provide years of service without corrosion or bending.
  • Simply replace them to change finishes.
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    9684 Ebbe Unique Grates Style For Shower Drains

    $107.96 to $138.56
  • Lifetime quality custom 3/16" thick Stainless Steel.
  • 12 grate design and 4 available finishes.
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