SuperiorBilt Grouting Tools

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SuperiorBilt Grouting Tools

151-54P SuperiorBilt ProBilt Series Stone Grout Float

  • Polyproxylene stone grout float - 3.5" X 9.5".
  • Softer for textured tiles and natural stone; Sanded and non-Sanded grout.
  • P1GF1 SuperiorBilt Platinum Grout Float

  • Solid polyproxylene float will not separate
  • Offset handle for hard-to-reach areas
  • Ergonomic handle fits either or both hands
  • 151-44G SuperiorBilt Solid Green Epoxy Grout Float

  • Solid polyproxylene body will not separate
  • Comfortable softgrip handle
  • Use on Floors, Walls, Countertops & Epoxy Grouts
  • 85-10W SuperiorBilt White Fine Non-Abrasive Scrub Pad

  • White pads are less coarse and work great for epoxy applications
  • Doodlebug pad size: 10" x 4-5/8" x 1"
  • Non abrasive for use on highly glazed wall tile, will not scratch surface
  • 151-25P SuperiorBilt Platinum 6" x 2" Margin Grout Poly Float

  • Grey Polyproxylene Body will not mar or scratch tile; holds edge longer
  • Dense rubber pad designed for sanded and non-sanded Grout
  • 10413 SuperiorBilt Heavy-Duty Grout Gloves

    $3.14 to $3.47
  • For tile setting and other industrial or household applications.
  • Rolled cuff, extra long gauntlet, and flocked liner to keep hands dry.
  • Resistant to most caustic chemicals, paints and sealers.
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    85-10B Superiorbilt Blue Medium Abrasive Scrub Pad

  • For medium-duty cleaning and scrubbing
  • Size 10" x 4-5/8" x 1"
  • Will quickly cut through epoxy grout
  • GTCT6 SuperiorBilt 18" x 18" Grout Clean-Up Microfiber Towel

  • For grout and sealer application
  • Excellent for use with CEG-Lite Epoxy Grout
  • Reduces surface haze
  • 6 microfiber towels pack
  • 48-33 SuperiorBilt Cheesecloth, 5 Yard Length

  • Polishing any tile surface to a bright, shiny finish and helps to remove grout haze after tile installation
  • Made of 100% unbleached lint-free cotton