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1010 Hydro-Handle 10 Piece Large Wet Diamond Drill Bit Set

  • For precise drilling of tile, glass, stained glass, granite, marble, onyx, quartz and other hard materials.
  • Designed for use with all ⅜" and 1/2" cordless drills.
  • Includes universal drill guide.
  • HHBit Hydro-Handle Wet Diamond Drill Bits

    $18.90 to $200.00
  • Hydro Handle drill bits for hard porcelain and glass tile
  • Electroplated, bonded and designed for drilling to depths of about 1/2"
  • Designed for all 3/8" and 1/2" cordless drills as well as the HYDRO-HANDLE drilling system
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    HHPSET Hydro-Handle Water Feed Tool 1/2" Kit for Cordless Drills

  • Convert your cordless drill into a robust water feed system
  • Compatible with common diamond drill bits and core bits
  • Cordless Drill is not included.
  • 1001 Hydro Handle Basic Water Feed Tool Kit

  • Converts your cordless drill into a robust water feed system
  • Easily drill glass, stone, tile, and more
  • Fingertip water-flow control
  • Cordless Drill is not included
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    1002 Hydro Handle Accessories & Parts

    $2.10 to $33.60
  • Water bottles, hose, adapters and other accessories for the Hydro Handle
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