Diamax Diamond Hole Saws & Drill Bits

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Diamax Diamond Hole Saws & Drill Bits

6501 Diamax Cyclone Wet/Dry Chuck Core Drill Bits

$21.49 to $24.49
  • Hexagonal chuck drill bit designed for cutting porcelain tile.
  • Fits most standard size chuck drills.
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    6503 Diamax Cyclone Dry/Wet Thin Wall Core Bit

    $56.35 to $133.65
  • Fastest core bit will drill most granite in under 30 seconds with water.
  • 5/8"-11 threaded connection.
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    7271 Diamax Cyclone Dry/Wet Core Bits with Side Protection

    $69.28 to $75.35
  • Diamond side protection on outside and inside shaft for ease of drilling and core release.
  • Gives you the freedom of coring back and forth between quartzite, engineered and natural stone.
  • 5/8"-11 thread attachment.
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