Diamax Diamond Blades

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Diamax Diamond Blades

6094 Diamax Cyclone Porcelain Tile Turbo Diamond Blade

$24.28 to $55.00
  • Dimple style rim minimizes heat caused by friction and can increase the life of your blade by keeping it cool!
  • Cut Dry. Stay Cool.
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    6096 Diamax Cyclone Granite Turbo Blade

    $21.43 to $35.68
  • Laboratory tested to cut 119 linear feet of 3 cm absolute black granite.
  • The #1 selling turbo blade in America!
  • Proven, sharp, reliable cutting life of up to 119 ft! 
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    6098 Diamax Hurricane Granite Turbo Blade

    $20.71 to $40.96
  • Cuts like a Cyclone at a more affordable price!
  • Designed for precise, dry granite cutting.
  • Has 5/8" arbor with 7/8" knockout to fit most angle grinders and hand saws.
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    6507 Diamax Cyclone Glass Blade

    $48.57 to $59.71
  • For clean and precise cuts in glass, wet cuts only!
  • The diamond bond is made specifically for cutting glass tile
  • Available in 7" or 10" sizes
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    6442 Diamax Cyclone Low HP Silent Core Stone Blade

    $196.43 to $277.80
  • Designed for the Blue Ripper, Achilles TSA or any portable track saw device.
  • Cuts more slabs than any other blade for a Low Horsepower saw!
  • Available in 14" or 16" sizes.
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