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10295 Tenax Tewax Paste Wax

  • Used to increase the polishing effect on onyxes, marble, natural stones, granite, agglomerates, terrazzo
  • Also used to brighten up a lost polish
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    1H3584ASET Tenax Universal Color Kit for Polyester and Epoxy Glue

  • Made to offer 1 solution for all your adhesive needs
  • For polyester, epoxy and acrylic glue
  • Use indoor or outdoor
  • 10292 Tenax Quartz Toner

  • Surface treatment that can be used to enhance quartz, engineered, and agglomerate stones.
  • Both for indoor and outdoor application.
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    20401 Tenax Transparent Flowing Polyester Mastic

    $14.25 to $48.37
  • Italian made premium liquid glue that offers many outstanding characteristics that fabricators look for in a flowing grade glue
  • Flowing is a liquid consistency, easy to stir and spread and will cure shiny.
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    20400 Tenax Transparent Tixo E Polyester Adhesive

    $14.25 to $51.25
  • High viscosity polyester adhesive used to vertically or horizontally repair, rebuild, bond, and fill
  • Very polishable and colors easily to match the stone
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    104033 Sigma NO-MARK Plastic Foot (Individual)

  • NO-MARK breaker foot for handle 24E and 24K
  • 9719 Husqvarna Vari-Cut General Purpose Blade

    $84.10 to $113.94
  • General purpose blades made to cut cured concrete and brick.
  • The Vari-Cut is a great combination blade.
  • Arbor 1" or 20mm bushing
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    9593 Husqvarna Redi Lock G 1170, 3-pack

    $120.75 to $186.20
  • Single or double segment with a hard bond for soft concrete and abrasive surfaces like broom finished concrete and ceramic tile adhesive.
  • Available in 20, 30 and 60 grits.
  • Fits: PG 530, PG 680, PG 820 planetary grinders.
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    9589 Husqvarna Redi Lock G 1110, 3-pack

    $120.75 to $186.20
  • Can also be used for dry grinding of many natural stone (calcerous) and terrazzo floors.
  • Available in grit sizes 20, 30, 60 and 120.
  • Fits: PG 530, PG 680, PG 820 planetary grinders.
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    8260 Noble Waterproof Benches

    $110.00 to $324.00
  • Noble Bench is ideal for your shower, steam room, sauna, and spa applications.
  • Waterproof and tile ready.
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    5247 Artisan 16 Gauge AR3521-D9/7 & Reversed Double Bowl

  • Available in two configurations
  • Heavy 16 gauge, 304 premium stainless steel
  • Artisan sinks complement the latest trends in modern and traditional kitchen design.
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    TLSGUN Tuscan Leveling System Guns

    $50.00 to $199.00
  • Choose from ergonomic gun or standard pliers!
  • 2-piece system that virtually eliminates lippage
  • Installation up to 3 times faster.
  • Prevents tiles from moving while curing.
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    Dewalt D24000 Porcelain Package

  • The Perfect Package for your Porcelain Project!
  • Includes Dewalt D24000 Wet Tile Saw and Stand, Pearl DTL10HPXL P4 10" Porcelain Blade, Solid Gold Dressing Stone and RLS Contractors Kit
  • RLSCONKIT, Raimondi Tile Leveling System Contractor Kit

  • Complete tile leveling system kit
  • Eliminates lippage between tiles
  • Includes 250 RLS Wedges, 500 RLS 1/16" Clear Clips & 1 RLS Floor Pliers
  • Use for wall or floor tile project
  • D24000S Dewalt Wet Tile Saw Package

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  • Dewalt D24000S 10" Wet Tile Saw and Stand.
  • 24" rip cut capacity. 18" x 18" diagonal cuts.
  • Weighs only 69 lbs.
  • Each buyer is qualified to receive a Dewalt DW130V Mixing Drill!
  • 29532 Stabila Contractors Level Set

  • Includes a 58-inch and a 32-inch level
  • Each level comes with 3 solid acrylic vials with spring steel hairline indicators inside vials for accurate reading
  • SG-10 Solid Gold 10'' Diamond Blade

  • Super thin rim for lightning fast cuts
  • Solid-Core technology eliminates blade wobble and deflection
  • Ultra precise cuts through porcelain, granite, marble & more
  • 7669 Laticrete Fracture Ban Primer

    $33.75 to $143.45
  • Fracture Ban Primer is a premium quality, water-based primer designed to be applied prior to the installation of the Fracture Ban membrane
  • Can be broom, roller or spray applied 
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    9630KIT Dewalt DW130V Mixing Drill with Bucket Mortar Mixer

  • Combo kit for mixing concrete and mortar.
  • Includes Dewalt DW130V Variable Speed Mixing Drill and Bucket Mortar Mixer paddle.
  • 9.0 AMPS, 120V motor, 0-550 RPM.
  • Mix dry pack mortar in seconds!
  • MLT250CAP MLT Reusable Caps 250 pcs

  • To guarantee the perfect alignment and plane during the curing of the setting material.
  • Base Plates for Porcelain, Thin Tile, Porcelain, and Stone with even offset joints.
  • Reusable straps can be used multiple times.
  • FMM-STARTQ-BG Fein MultiMaster 350QSL "Start Q" Tool Kit with Bag

  • Kit includes oscillating tool, backer pad, 3 pieces 80 grit sandpaper, 3 pieces 120 grit sandpaper, 3 pieces 180 grit sandpaper, universal blade and nylon carrying bag
  • DCF887D2 Dewalt 20 V MAX 3-Speed Impact Driver

  • Dewalt DCF887 is a 3-speed impact driver which allows for optimized application versatility
  • Kit includes: DCF887 impact driver, (2) 20V MAX batteries, fast battery charger, belt clip, kit box and manual
  • 6094 Diamax Cyclone Porcelain Tile Turbo Blade

    $23.50 to $55.00
  • Dimple style rim minimizes heat caused by friction and can increase the life of your blade by keeping it cool!
  • Sharpest cuts and zero glazing.
  • Cut Dry. Stay Cool.
  • Available in 4", 4-1/2", 5", 7" & 10" sizes.
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    AXD001004 Dust Deputy DIY - Cyclone Only

  • Attaches from your wet/dry vacuum to your own disposal container to capture and remove 99% of dust and debris
  • Cyclone Only - Other hardware separately, or you can customize your own system with the Cyclone