TigerHawk Square Orbital Floor Machine, 110V

Features a dry chemical free process to prepare resilient tile flooring to be re-finished. The Dry Strip Process uses the specially engineered surface preparation rectangular pads which easily removes surface finish in preparation for re-coating. Without removing the finish below the surface thereby saving the first two coats of re-coating finish. Saves time and finish costs.


  • Vibrates back and forth about 1/4" at a high speed.
  • If this were a round buffer rotating it would have to rotate more than 1,700 Rpm which would throw wet stuff on the wall!
  • The high speed "vibration" removes the finish without splashing!
  • Coupled with the specially engineered Surface Preparation Pads SPP Maroon, rectangular pads by 3M or ETC, easily removes finish in preparation for re-coating.
  • Chemical Free Floor Finish Stripping.
  • Rectangular design allows the operator to get in the corners efficiently without getting on their hands and knees.
  • You can not do this with a conventional unit.
  • Furthermore, learning to operate the TigerHawk can be done in minutes.
  • Meets GS42 Guidelines.
  • The revolutionary rectangular, floating head design allows the operator to easily maneuver the unit with less fatigue than the normal oscillating units available on todays market. It also enables access to corners while standing, unlike conventional floor machines.
  • Comfort-style vinyl handle grips for ease of use.
  • Dual steel operating triggers for left or right hand operation.
  • Variable position positive lock handle for operator comfort and safety.
  • Low Current Draw.
  • Thumb-operated safety-switch.
  • One piece industrial powder coated Heavy Duty steel handle for optimum durability.
  • Non-marking 5" ball bearing vinyl wheels.
  • Welded frame for rugged, reliable performance.
  • Full wrap Around dust skirt.
  • Made in the USA.
Technical Data
  • Start Run Capacitor Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled Motor Keeps Out Dirt And Dust For Longer Motor Life.
  • 115V 60 Hz, 6.8 Amp draw.
  • Premium dual-capacitor 66 frame motor for reliability.
  • SDP (Severe Duty Planetary).
  • 3-idler gearbox 11:1 ratio.
  • 165 Rpm.
  • Weight 95 lbs.
  • High torque motor.
  • Triple idler planetary steel helical-cut gear drives.
  • Long 50 ft. cord with extra heavy-duty spring steel cord strain relief.
  • Free shipping from factory warehouse
  • All HAWK floor machines have a 3-4 week lead time for production
  • The 20"x14" and 28"x14" come with cart, and have these available options: Vac, Dust skirt & Sprayer.

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