PTX301D Subaru Subaru PTX301D Diaphragm Pump, 3" outlet

Heavy-Duty Self-Priming Diaphragm Pump features a positive displacement type, hermetically sealed compression chamber to prevent loss of gases and liquids being moved. Ideal for abrasives, slurries, viscous products & seawater. With no moving parts, the pump can run dry indefinitely.

Subaru PTX301D Features:

  • Positive displacement type, hermetically sealed compression chamber prevents loss of gases or liquids being moved.
  • Large, shock-reducing air cushion chamber decreases shock on the hoses.
  • Die-Cast Pump Housing Heavy-duty, die-cast aluminum housing provides strong durability against damaging debris.
  • Diaphragm pump mechanism is isolated from the fluid being moved, making the unit ideal for pumping high-solid material content up to 2 inches.
  • Full Tubular Wrap Frame All models include a steel wrap frame to protect all sides of the unit.
  • Four extra-large anti-vibration mounts ensure a smooth-running engine and keep the unit from shifting during operation.
  • Metal fuel tank provides extended run times between refills. The fuel strainer prevents debris from entering the tank.
  • Shut off valve is used when transporting or servicing the pump.
  • The translucent sediment cup and filter allow the operator to see if any water or dirt have entered the engine. The cup can be removed, cleaned and reinstalled.
  • Quiet Muffler with Spark Arrestor providing optimum sound reduction.
  • Muffler includes a US Forestry-approved spark arrestor.
  • Standard accessories include tool kit, hose coupling and hose band.
PTX301D Subaru Diaphragm Pump Specifications
  • Suction/Discharge Size 3 inch.
  • Maximum Capacity 66 Gallons Per Minute.
  • Maximum Lift Head 49 ft.
  • Maximum Suction Lift 25 ft.
  • Maximum PSI (max. head/2.31) 21 PSI.
  • Subaru EX17 OHC engine, 6 hp. with speed control.
  • Tank Capacity 0.95 gallons.
  • Run time per tank full load 2 hrs.
  • Recoil starting system.
  • Dimensions (L x W x H) 26" x 17" x 20".
  • Dry Weight 100 lbs.

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