Starcke 5" Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Waterproof Silicon Carbide Disc For Stone, 100-piece Box

Premium quality self-adhesive tab backer combined with a silicon carbide abrasive, which is the perfect combination for use on marbles and softer types of natural stone.

  • Now sold in 100-piece boxes!
  • 60 grit now come in 50-piece boxes
  • Kit includes 10 pieces of each grit: 80, 120, 220, 320, 400 grit - 50 piece Box
  • PSA: Stick On Discs Sandpaper.
  • Use wet or dry.
  • Particularly sharp edged and hard Silicon Carbide grain. �
  • Long life due to the fully resin bond. �
  • Semi-open coat reduces rapid loading of the abrasive paper.
  • Silicon carbide for sanding & polishing marble, travertine, & onyx.
  • Maximum 4000 Rpm.
  • Perfect for marble fabricators & tile contractors.
  • Restoration workers can polish wide areas quickly without difficulty.
  • Resists clogging when used wet, extending the life of the disc.
  • The discs can be used dry if necessary and are very durable.
  • Silicon Carbide is the abrasive of choice for sanding and polishing marble, travertine, terrazzo and onyx.
  • Sandpaper can also be used to polish glass, metal and wood.

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