Starcke Backer pads


Starcke Flexible 5" Makita GV-5000 & GV-5010 Backer Pads
  • Fits the Makita GV5000 & GV5010 disc sander.
  • M8-1.25 Male thread, Hook & Loop or PSA Face.
  • Use to mount sand paper, felt wheel or diamond pads.
  • More flexibility when polishing irregular edges.
  • Max RPM 4,500.
  • Unique tapered edge, offers excellent edge flexibility.
  • Urethane molded pad that is firm enough for flat surfaces, yet soft enough for curved surfaces.
  • PSA or Hook and loop backed will accept resin pads, sandpaper and felt wheels.
  • All users of polishing equipment will love the quality and long life of these backer pads.
  • Flexible backer pad are ideally suited for tough contours and inside curves, which allow the user to get in tight corners with ease.
  • Pad is made of polyurethane.

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