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Sigma Tile Cutter with Klick-Klock Handle

Sigma tile cutters are ultra-precise, lightweight Italian tile cutters designed for the professional tile installer. Sigma Klick-Klock Tile Cutters are capable of cutting the hardest porcelain, ceramic, pavers, natural stone & more.

Sigma Klick Klock Tile Cutter Features

  • Easy grip Klick-Klock handle scores tile on the push stroke
  • Spring loaded table
  • Swiveling measurement bar (in inches) angles between -45 to + 45 degrees for easy diagonal cuts
  • Cuts material between 1/16” and 3/4” inch thick
  • Easy to dismantle to ensure compact dimensions for easy transport.
  • Extremely strong tile cutter, allows particularly thick or difficult materials to be easily cut, with the added advantage of measurement conveniently close to the operator.
  • Suitable for cutting all types of commercially available tiles
  • Made with structure in high-resistance aluminium alloy and steel for diagonal cuts
  • The special shape of the grip allows tiles to be cut at any point
  • Plastic fitting to prevent marks beneath breaking feet
  • The lever grip is used to score the tile with a tungsten carbide wheel.
  • The tile is then snapped by pressing with the breaking feet near the edge of the tile.

Practical Tips

  • The change from scoring to breaking position is achieved by a small vertical movement of the hand-grip.
  • Broad tile support table, with the added advantage of measurement conveniently close to the operator. Double registration for regulation of cutting thickness.
  • The swiveling measurement bar supporting the tile rotates through 45° in both directions and is pivoted at the center of the cutting line, allowing the real measurement of the piece to be cut to be obtained.
  • A 45° a second measurement scale gives the length of the diagonal.
  • Rapid positioning button makes the main angles normally used immediately available.
ModelSigma 3BKSigma 3CKSigma 3DK
Length of Cut 24 in28 in35 in
Diagonally Cuts16 in20 in24 in
Weight24 lbs.28 lbs.30 lbs.

Question & Answers

Can the Sigma Klick-Klock tile cutter do cuts of 1/2 inch wide?

Yes, the Sigma Klick-Klock Handle Tile Cutter will cut 1/2 inch wide tile. Some skill is required with this type of cut. We recommend practicing on some scrap tile. Different tiles require different scoring and breaking pressure. A complete score is essential for narrow cuts.

Can I put a Sigma Max Handle on this tile cutter?

Yes, Sigma Max Handles can be used on Sigma Klick-Klock Tile Cutters.

Are the pull handles interchangeable with this cutter?

Yes, you can change to the pull handle as the cutting boards are the same.

The metal snapping point located under the rail and handle is wearing down and is now not snapping smaller cuts as good as it once did. I have only had this machine for 3 or 4 monthes. Any ideas? What is the warrenty??

Thank you for contacting Contractors Direct.

Please contact us directly to help us troubleshoot and see what can be done to get your cutter operating optimally.

I bought the sigma kickklock 3dk model does contractors direct still sell the sigma kickklock 3bk model?

Sigma has discontinued the Klick-Klock handle. The 3B boards are still available with the Max Handle.

Does the Sigma Klick-Klock Handle Tile Cutter come with a carrying case?

No, the Sigma Klick-Klock Handle Tile Cutter does not come with a case. Click here for Sigma Carrying Cases!

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