SL24 Laser Square Multi-Function Laser, Dots or Lines

The SL-24 is the world's first line producing square and level line laser tool. The compact size and easy set up make it one of the most innovative tools available today.

For centuries, man has been content with the simple carpenter's square and only in the last 100 years has he improved on it with the addition of measurements on the two sides. Dot lasers were introduced into the construction industry about 20 years ago, but it took most contractors in the acoustical ceiling industry almost 10 years to realize the tremendous savings that they offered even at costs of $3,000 to $5,000! Years of design changes and the advent of the diode laser have brought the cost down to an affordable range that the individual professional can afford.

  • The SL-24 is not the same type of alignment system and when it comes to square lines, it’s the only product on the market today. But when it comes to labor savings and improvement of is a product that cannot be overlooked.
  • The fact that many contractors, carpenters, flooring mechanics, brick layers, concrete contractors, or virtually anyone who uses a 90° set-up in their work, can save thousands in labor set-up while improving quality makes the SL-24 the tool of the 21st century.
  • Layout floors, including diagonals, establish pitches, align wall tile, check floors for level & flatness, etc.
  • 90 degree squaring with 2 solid lines for horizontal alignment.
  • Long distance dots individually level able at 90 degrees to each other.
  • Built-in rechargeable Ni-cad battery saves hundreds per year in battery cost.
  • Fits on standard tripods. Laser glasses for use in bright light conditions included.
  • Most powerful laser beam available with convenient belt carrying case.
  • Most compact multi-beam laser, 4"x4"x2".
Technical Features:
  • Flooring layouts (90° & 45°) tile, wood, & stone, vinyl & carpet
  • For shorter distances the 2 lines at 45° & 90° are the choice for tile, wood and VCT. Projecting upwards of 40 feet in either direction, the lines can be troweled through because they appear on top of the mortar or adhesive.
  • The dots will travel up to 600 feet and can hit the floor at both ends using the adjustment knobs then snap back to the hash marks on the laser for a perfect 90° or 45°. Layout times can be cut 60-90% over conventional methods.
  • The center leg can be removed to set up on the exact corner of the tile
  • Cutting wood end boards at 90° or 45° eliminates the loss of you snap line under saw dust.(eliminates the problem of losing the snap line under a pile of saw dust since the laser will project over the top of it).
  • Only one direction of grid lines needs to be snapped and then hash marked with the grid. Move the laser for each grid row and trowel through (past) the line.
  • Cutting Carpet most dealers add 3 or more inches to each cut and at $6 or $7 per yard. At 15 cuts a day this equals the cost of a brand new cutting machine each year!
  • Put the line or dot down the salvage edge and cut across the other line. The dot mode can be used if the distance and wrinkling carpet are a factor. Just hit the stand up cutter when cutting across the width. This gives a perfect 90° cut every time, with much less waste. Square remnants and rugs the same way!
  • Pattern matching (carpet) Know if the match is either bowed or skewed too much. Using the laser on a pattern hit the target further down the salvage edge. Shoot across the width to the target on the other side to check skew; then slide the target to the middle to check bow.
  • Estimate floor conditions (Square) Simply set the laser in the corner of a room and adjust knobs to project 2 lines, one off of each wall, and it will be obvious to the customer and you if the room is out-of-square, and if so, by how much.
  • Select the customer's "favorite" wall and note it to be the starting "net" wall. Then check for out-of-flat and note which condition needs attention. Assuring the customer that each of the 2 problems will be corrected really hits home when the next bidder misses both of these conditions.
  • You can be 5-10% higher in your bids and still get the job, because you know what has to be done, especially when the other bidder simply says, "It looks ok," or "We should be ok." This means instant sales here for you!
  • Slopes to a drain position the laser over the drain, level the vials and hit the target at the end of the room or pan which will be filled with mortar. Adjust the level line on the target to a point equaling the desired slope to the drain. Then position the screed near the laser and the height desired at the drain. Draw a parallel line in the screed and then apply the mortar and screed away from the laser keeping the red line on the screed line. This automatically guaranties the desired pitch (from level).
  • Floor conditions (out-of-flat) simply shoot the horizontal lines at the target center on both sides. Move the target around the room to detect the exact amount that needs to be filled or ground. Depth nails are provided to clip off in the low spot that will act as a dip-stick for self-leveling products and the tip of the screed can rest on the pin while screeding in a circle around the pin.
  • Floor conditions (out-of-level) Use the same process as above but adjust both levels to center vial and the target will tell you whether to grind or fill. If you prefer not to grind, move the laser to an obvious high spot which will indicate where to fill the floor. Again, use the leveling pins for accuracy. Although most floor specs are listed as out-of-flat occasionally, out-of-level is necessary.

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Too expensive!!!

We bought one years ago for $200 and it lasted a year . Did alright but you would do just as good with a cheaper model . If you want to lay out a really big area use the 3,4,5 Method because this gets blurry at 30 feet,.for small areas a product at half the price will still do the same job.

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Reply to previous review

As an employee of the manufacturer, I need to reply to the previous review. I do not believe they purchased this laser. If they did, it must have been a used laser. We have never sold this laser for under $599 which is MSRP so you get $10 savings here. I have no idea where they would have gotten it for $200.

The laser comes with a 10 year warranty for the original purchaser of the laser which we have always honored. If the laser dies or something breaks or the batteries no longer hold a charge, we repair or replace it. Simple as that. The vertical and horizontal lines are tested at 50 feet to be <= 1/4" wide. The dot will be <= 1/2" in diameter at 100 feet. If the laser doesn't meet that spec, that is covered under warranty.

The reason for the price being almost $600 compared to the ones you will see in large box stores is the quality of the product and service of the company that stands behind it. We do not make plastic tools that last one year and make you purchase $50 in batteries each year like the other brands.

I would invite the previous reviewer to contact us at or call us toll free at 877-679-1300 so we can see what happened to their laser.

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