SB Clean Site Wet Saw Enclosure 48"W x 75"L x 72"H

Enables tile contractors the most flexibility in protecting finished spaces from wet saw overspray, puddles and potential water damage. It allows the wet saw operator the opportunity to make his cuts while working close to the area of installation.


  • SB Clean Site measures 48"W x 75"L x 72"H
  • Adjustable in configuration, allowing the user to adjust depending upon the size of the saw being used.
  • Tile tile saw is inside the enclosure, to stay close to your work and control the accuracy of the cuts.
  • Enough room to stand on the side of the saw when necessary for better visibility while cutting holes.
  • Saddles can be cut to length from the inside of the enclosure.
  • Large format tiles can be cut easily and accurately with the overspray and dripping mess being confined to the inside of the protective enclosure.
  • Heavy-duty 40 mil woven membrane resists tears and punctures. It is chemically resistant and can be patched using PVC cement, if necessary.
  • Tile cuts can be leaned inside against the frame where they can be stored and allowed to drain.
  • Can be used as a work station for storing liquids and mixing powders in buckets, keeping the work site as clean as possible.
  • Easy to clean and store when not in use.
  • 40 mil membrane is rated for extreme temperature conditions and is resistant to many common chemicals used in the building industry.
  • Quantity (2) 1"X48" and (2) 1"X 72" boards are required to frame the pan are not included and must be purchased separately.
  • Buy (2) 1" x 10' decking boards so you can get a 4-footer and 6-footer out of each board.

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50 bucks worth of pvc

For the money make it yourself. If my employee hadn't put it together I would have returned it.

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Clean site wet saw enclousure

Well worth the price, while you can probably build your own, all the necessary parts are here !!!
No guess work. Really makes cutting inside clean and contained. No more wet cutting in the cold freezing Penn. winters.

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