Rubi Tile Cutter - TR-S Manual Tile Cutters & Case

Rubi TR-600-S and TR-700-S manual tile cutters feature a mobile breaker that works very well for diagonal cuts. The swivel square increases cutting accuracy and the 1322 lbs. of breaking pressure allows for high quality cuts through ceramic wall and floor tiles, and porcelain tiles (BIa type) with thicknesses of less than 19/32 in.

Rubi TR-S Features

  • Spring loaded breaking pads allows for small tile debris to fall on the floor
  • New torsion-resistant base made of very light aluminium
  • 6mm & 10mm wheels are also included with the Rubi TR-Series
  • High performance adjustable breaking system
  • 1322.8 lb of breaking force
  • Max cutting height - 5/8"
  • Chromed and rectified steel guides, with anti-corrosion treatment
  • Lateral stop for straight and 45 degree repetitive cutting
  • Two-layer base with shock absorption effect
  • Free Anti-shock plastic carrying case
  • Base legs for large format tile
  • Direct vision of the scoring and cutting line
Reference #1794017950
Straight Cut 24"28"
Diagonally Cuts17" x 17"20" x 20"
Weight22 lbs.25 lbs.

Question & Answers

Where can I get a new carrying case for my tr600 ?

Please call us (800) 709-0002 to order the TR600 Case. We do not currently offer it online.

We have several TS400s and I'd like to replace them, but I can't seem to find them on your web site. In addition, I'd like to know where they are made.

That model may have been discontinued as the smallest TR model they offer is the TR600S. If you are referring to the TS-40 model, it is now an upgraded model, TS-43. Rubi products are all made in Spain.

I have a TX-700 and I would be interested in purchasing a comparable cutter. What is recommended? I cut a lot of porcelain with this one.

You may wish to consider the Sigma Technica 2B3 tile cutter for extensive porcelain cutting.

Does the Rubi TR Series Porcelain Tile Cutter come with the case or does it cost extra?

The Rubi TR Series Porcelain Tile Cutter comes with a case at no extra charge

Does the Rubi TR Series Porcelain Tile Cutter come with a replacement scoring wheel?

The Rubi TR Series Porcelain Tile Cutter come with 6mm & 10mm scoring wheels

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