Reconditioned TX900N Rubi Tile Cutter

  • Minor aesthetic blemishes


  • New torsion-resistant base made of very light aluminium
  • Double set of rectified steel guides, with anticorrotion treatment
  • No flexing in the rails when breaking in the middle of large floor tile
  • Swivel angle plate with central pivot for repetitive cuts at any angle
  • Large breaker for easy snapping anywhere on tile
  • 2204 lbs of breaking force for hard porcelain
  • Side support swing-out for large format tile
  • Spring loaded breaking pads doesn't trap tile debris
  • Comes with anti-shock plastic case
  • Made in Spain
  • Free 10 mm cutting wheel included
Cutting Lengths
  • TX-900N - 37" rip cut, 26" diagonally

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