Rubi Joint Applicator For Grout & Mortar

  • High capacity applicator for the application of mortar joints
  • Extra-light structure made of aluminum
  • For fast, clean and simple application
  • Reduces consumption of mortar and dirt after pointing
  • Trigger-adjustable pressure
  • Changeable outlet nozzles adjustable to the width of every joint
  • Also usable for application of silicon in cartridges
  • Fast, clean applicatio.
  • Tuck Point Applicator 25.36 Fl.oz / (650 cc) capacity

Technical Details

  • Mechanical advantage 12:1
  • Trowel or pour material into tube for dispensing
  • Barrel turns, application around corners
  • Thumb activated instant pressure release
  • Designed for mortar and tile applications
  • Scoop or pour material into tube for dispensing
  • Package includes standard 2 nozzles, plunger and tube
  • For larger grout joints, simply cut the nozzles to the size of the joint you are filling.

Question & Answers

Will this product work for a non shrink grout our do you have another applicator for this?

The Rubi Joint Applicator will work with non shrink grout.

Will the Rubi Joint Applicator work with Epoxy grout?

Yes, the Rubi Joint Applicator will work with epoxy grout. Make sure to clean it properly immediately after use. Failure to clean properly will make the Rubi Joint Applicator unusable.

The Rubi Joint Applicator kit contains a soft yellow seal installed on the plunger and a loose white hard plastic one in the packaging. Please explain the uses of each. Thanks.

The soft yellow seal is for use with grout. The white piece is for a joint sealant sausage like the one pictured below.�

�You must remove the yellow seal and attach the white piece.�

Can this be used for installing grout glitter?


Thank you for contacting Contractors Direct.

What is the specific product you are hoping to use? This applicator can work with a wide variety of grouts and sealants as long as it is maintained and cleaned properly.

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Most Helpful Reviews


I would buy this product again and again

by - verified purchaser
Cut grouting time in half.

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Best tool ever for mortar

by - verified purchaser
This works so much better than a grout puts mortar exactly where you want it and does so by simply squeezing on the handles. So much more economical that twisting on the end of the grout bag. Comes apart without tools to through clean out.
With some mortar mixes it can leave a plug in the tube that has to be cleaned out but that is so minor compared to the advantages that this offer.

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Just like caulking

by - verified purchaser
This grout gun is high quality and does exactly what is says. Saved a lot of clean up time.

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Awesome Grout tool!

I used this to grout between tiles that were very porous because they would be very hard to clean if I used a grout float. It worked amazingly with grout! Very accurate, little mess and easy to use. Then I tried it with spec mix cement and initially it wouldn't go through the gun. Then I cut the tip a bit bigger and thinned the cement mix and it worked great. I will not grout without this tool again.

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caulk gun

by - verified purchaser
great tool it is a time saver! wish that I had bought it before. really happy with it. GOOD PRICE...

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Good quality and works great

by - verified purchaser
Good quality and works great would recommend it to anyone grouting rock, much easier than grout bag.

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