PROSDDM25K Quik Drive 1" - 3". 2,500 RPM. Autofeed Screwgun Kit Makita
  • The leading automatic driving system.
  • Much more durable than previous SDS kits.
  • High quality drywall tool included along with subfloor and decking nosepieces.
  • Covers almost every need for contractors and homeowners alike.
  • Interchangeable nose pieces for a variety of applications.
  • Affordable, professional-grade fastener driving system.
  • Set it once for consistent countersink.
  • Precise, calibrated depth setting.
  • It is easy to load, each screw strip holds 23 or 31 screws, depending on type.
  • Remove extension for use in small spaces.
Technical Data
  • Auto-feed screw-driving system for driving Quik Drive collated screw strips into drywall, flooring, decks, and more.
  • Teflon impregnated polymer body provides self lubrication.
  • Advanced design offers quick breakdown and assembly.
  • Expanded depth settings for high-density flooring materials.
  • Features reversible and replaceable non-skid teeth.
  • Uniform toenailing and countersink on slick surfaces.
  • Sure-grip guide tube increases stability for a broad range of screws.
  • Decking on decks and docks
  • Subfloor to wood or steel
  • Wall plates, stair treads, sheathing
  • Fiber-cement siding to steel
Drive These Collated Screws 1-1/2" - 3"
  • CBSDQ Series
  • DCL Series
  • DTHQ Series
  • DDX Dexxter
  • DHPD Series
  • DTHQ Series
  • PPSD11516S Series
  • PHSS Series
  • SS3DSC Series
  • SSDTH Series
  • WSFLRV Series
  • WSHL Series
  • WSNTL Series
  • WSNTLG Series
  • Narrow profile allows easy driving in corners and other tight spots.
  • Low maintenance; Limited lifetime warranty.
  • Delivers the quality of screws with labor saving speed.
  • The number one choice of professional builders.
The PROSDDM25K includes
  • 1x QDPRO300SG2 Attachment.
  • 1x QDPRO200G2 Attachment.
  • 1x Makita 2,500 RPM Screwdriver Motor
  • 1x Extension for stand-up driving
  • 1x Quiver for Screws
  • 1x Tool Case
  • Product Dimensions: 26" x 11" x 5".

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