ProLine Drain Body
  • PLD26 - 26" trough. Total length with flanges is 28". Fits rough opening from 28" to 32". Finished opening is from 28" to 30". A=26", B=13", C=13", D=28"

  • PLD30 - 30" trough. Total length with flanges is 30". Fits rough opening from 32" to 38”. Finished opening is from 30" to 36". A=30", B=12", C=18", D=32"

  • PLD36 - 36" trough. Total length with flanges is 38”. Fits rough opening from 38" to 42". Finished opening is from 36" to 40". Total length with flanges is 42". A=36", B=15", C=21", D=38"

  • PLD40 - 40" trough. Total length with flanges is 42". Fits rough opening from 42" to 46". Finished opening is from 40" to 44". A=40", B=17", C=23", D=42"

  • PLD44 - 44" trough. Total length with flanges is 46". Fits rough opening from 46" to 48". Finished opening is from 44" to 46". A=44", B=19", C=25", D=46"

  • PLD46 - 46" trough. Total length with flanges is 48". Fits rough opening from 48" to 50". Finished opening is from 46" to 48". A=46", B=23", C=23", D=48"

  • PLD48 - 48" trough. Total length with flanges is 50". Fits rough opening from 50" to 54". Finished opening is from 48" to 52". A=48", B=21", C=27", D=50"

  • PLD52 - 52" trough. Total length with flanges is 54". Fits rough opening from 54" to 60". Finished opening is from 52" to 58". A=52", B=23", C=29", D=54"

  • PLD57-58 - 57" trough. Total length with flanges is 59". Fits rough opening from 59" to 65". Finished opening is from 58" to 64". A=57", B=25.5", C=31.5", D=59"

  • PLD63 - 63" trough. Total length with flanges is 65". Fits rough opening from 65" to 71". Finished opening is from 63" to 70". A=63", B=31.5", C=31.5", D=65"

  • PLD68 - 68" trough. Total length with flanges is 70". Fits rough opening from 70" to 74". Finished opening is from 68" to 72". A=68", B=34", C=34", D=70"
Quick Drain stands alone in the construction of today's showers. The leading edge is due to the superior construction, design and functionality. Thelow profile linear shower drain is clean and un-intrusive the outdated round center shower drain is no longer needed! Stainless steel channel slot shower drain can be used with any tile size and can be installed as a channel drain under the shower door or against the shower wall as a linear trench drain. Lowest-profile bathroom and shower linear drain in the world. It is easy to clean and has a very high flow rate. Ease of installation keeps this shower drain in demand by home builders and contractors as well as by discerning homeowners.

Advantages of low profile linear channel bathroom shower drain

Quick Drain USA TM stands alone in the construction of today's showers. Here are some of the most important advantages and differences from the conventional shower drains.

  • The most visible advantage of the linear channel shower drain system is the clean and unintrusive look.
  • Any size tiles can be used in the shower pan installation around the slot drain.
  • The outdated look of a round center shower drain is gone for good.
  • Installation of poured shower pans has totally changed thanks to our new membrane and sealant system.
  • Both side and bottom drain outlet models are available. Very high drain flow capacity. High quality Stainless Steel drain.
  • The low profile drain is made out of 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel.
  • Very easy to clean. Everything is removable (including the shower linear drain cover and strainer), even the waste pipe is accessible for cleaning.
  • Perfect shower drain, deck drain, pool drain.
  • The length of the drain is unlimited as the linear drain segments can be coupled.
  • This is ideal for linear swimming pool drains, public shower trench drains and trough drain applications.
  • Very appealing and attractive design, the slot drain cover is only 1-1/2" wide.
  • The Quick Drain linear slot drain is both low profile and subtle.
Choose Spacers Size

  • Spacers are no longer sold with the PLD. Comes with purchase of cover. Sold individually on item 3493. 
  • The spacer size is determined by the installation method used and the thickness of the flooring material.
  • The spacer size is the total thickness of materials from the top waterproofing to the top of the tile/slab on the shower floor.

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