Brutus 20" Ceramic Tile Cutter
  • High quality, durable tile cutter.
  • Installer Grade tile cutter.
  • Ideal for cutting ceramic and porcelain tiles.
  • Cuts up to 1/2" thick wall and/or floor tile up to 20", 14" diagonally 
  • Thick heavy duty rubber pads prevent tiles from shifting.
  • Linear ball bearing slides for smooth scoring
  • Extra thick dual chrome-plated rugged steel rails with bumpers
  • Heavy duty 26" aluminum alloy base is lightweight and durable
  • Extra long high leverage handle makes cutting easier and reduces fatigue.
  • Replaceable 7/8" titanium coated tungsten carbide cutting wheel.
  • Die cast aluminum alloy base is lightweight but durable.
  • Adjustable rip guide with English and metric measurements makes multiple rip and diagonal cuts easier and faster.
  • Unique comfort grip handle with removable tip for storage of extra cutting wheels.

Question & Answers

Does the QEP 20" Brutus Ceramic Tile Cutter come with a case?

No, the QEP 20" Brutus Ceramic Tile Cutter does not come with a case

Does the QEP 20" Brutus Ceramic Tile Cutter come with replacement scoring wheels?

Yes, the QEP 20" Brutus Ceramic Tile Cutter come with two replacement scoring wheels

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Not for the pros

Purchased this cutter because I need another basic, portable, tough tool to get quick and accurate cuts. The first problem is the ridiculous guide. It's way too long and flimsy (had to discard the angle portion). Second, the adjustment knob screw never secured properly to the base threads and stripped out after about five jobs. Finally, the breaker bar just broke . It's a lightweight "alloy" . This tool may be okay for an amateur, but can't stand up to professional use. I had a strong suspicion this was not going to last as soon as I picked it up, as it's just too light. But I rolled the dice.

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