Pearl 15" Hexplate with Superclutch and 6 Segmented Diamond Pads Included, HEX1764


  • Faster and more aggressive, hex pin diamond segmented pad attachment.
  • Extended life and improved all-around grinding speed & performance.
  • Can be used dry or wet on concrete surfaces for grinding & coating removal.
  • Ideal for removing paint & epoxy, & repairing, leveling, and grinding concrete.
  • Removes sealers and bond breaker coatings.
  • Easily removes trowels marks, smooths rough finishes, provides texture to slippery surfaces & prepares concrete surfaces for coatings.
  • Diamond pads extend past the edge of the plate allowing the operator to grind or sand right up to the edge of the wall.
  • Super clutch will disengage if the Hexpin plate hits an obstruction.
  • Super clutch is self resetting, simply turn off buffer and restart, less downtime.
  • Safely prevents coupler breakage and buffer damage.
  • The Pearl Hexpin® System has revolutionized floor preparation.
  • Use the standard Hexpin Plates or Hexpin Blocks with our patented system of interchangeable Hexpins for grinding, sanding, polishing and coating removal.
  • Pearl’s unique spring-based technology allows the Hexpin attachments to float easily over rough surfaces while the fluted plate design helps maintain dust control.
  • Engineered for use on standard floor buffers, dual-headed diamond grinders.
  • Interchangeable Hexpins are engineered for a variety of applications, including concrete resurfacing, removal of paint, rubberized coatings, ice, rust, grease, sealers, from a variety of surfaces.

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